Apple allegedly testing Siri in Hebrew on HomePod for possible Israel launch

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Apple is upgrading Siri's Hebrew language support in iOS 16.4, and a report claims it is being tested for an eventual HomePod launch in Israel.

HomePod could gain Hebrew language for Siri
HomePod could gain Hebrew language for Siri

Siri has supported Hebrew on iPhone since 2016, but the language has never made its way to HomePod since it isn't sold in Israel. A new set of Hebrew voices with natural sound were discovered in iOS 16.4 already, but it seems there could be more changes coming.

According to The Verifier, Apple is testing Siri with Hebrew on the HomePod and HomePod mini via Israel employees. A short video can be found below with a HomePod mini's Siri speaking Hebrew -- note the user's wake command could activate nearby Apple devices.
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If Apple is testing the feature in Israel, then the company could be planning on launching the device in the country for the first time. No information was provided about when this launch could occur.

The current betas have the new Hebrew Siri voices available, but only on iPhone and iPad. HomePods running the available beta for software version 16.4 don't show the option for Hebrew.

The Apple employees testing the feature could have a special build of HomePod software for testing, or it could be a different future version like HomePod software version 16.5. The video nor the report designates the version of software in use.

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    JP234 said:
    OY SIRI…Get me directions to Katz's Deli!
    It will be called IRIS due to Hebrew reading from right to left.
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    Hebrew?? It hardly speaks English yet!! Mazel Tov anyway!
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    Any improvement would be welcome. Siri regularly mispronounces consonants like shin ("sh") and sin ("ss"), which change depending on accent marks, and it misreads some words commonly found in everyday prayers.
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