Microsoft is bringing iMessage to Windows with the Phone Link app

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Microsoft's upcoming Phone Link app will let Apple users access iMessage on Windows, as well as notifications.

Microsoft is bringing iMessage to Windows
Microsoft is bringing iMessage to Windows

The company is first releasing a preview of the app to members of the Windows Insider program, which lets users test pre-release builds of Windows. The app will let iPhone users connect their smartphone to a PC to send and receive messages via Apple's iMessage system.

The Phone Link app will also display iOS notifications in Windows 11 and make and receive calls. However, there will be some limitations.

For example, users won't be able to send photos in messages or participate in group chats. People won't see the entire message history in conversations, as the app will only display messages sent or received through Phone Link.

Finally, as the connection can't distinguish between a text message received via iMessage and a regular text message, neither blue nor green bubbles are used in Phone Link. The company already supports these experiences for Android phones, making it the first time that iPhone users can connect their devices to a PC in this manner.

While the Phone Link app won't support photos, Microsoft does support iCloud Photos within the Windows 11 Photos app. Apple is also working with Microsoft to bring native apps for Apple Music and Apple TV on Windows 11.

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    Does the phone need to be nearby?
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,380member
    Yes, since the link is done through Bluetooth. The link in the words “will let” in the article will take you to a MS tech note explaining the app in more detail.
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    This sounds so typically Microsoft, what should be a simple feature followed by a long list of caveats or things that don't work like you'd expect.
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    dutchlorddutchlord Posts: 232member
    Dead On Arrival due to limitations
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    danvmdanvm Posts: 1,446member
    amar99 said:
    This sounds so typically Microsoft, what should be a simple feature followed by a long list of caveats or things that don't work like you'd expect.
    Do you really think MS could do more with the restrictions have in place with iMesssage?  
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,489member
    I'm totally cool with the restrictions. I don't want Microsoft having full access to my full iMessage history, which would include conversations started outside of this narrowly scoped feature. It's called keeping Microsoft and other third parties in a sandbox, which is exactly where they should be with Apple-exclusive features like iMessage. You can always get cross platform functionality using third party apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. 

    If this feature requires your iPhone to be nearby, it begs the question of why not just use your iPhone for messaging? From a security and privacy risk standpoint why would I want to allow an outside app that isn't providing anything beyond what Apple is already supporting, in a highly functional and user friendly way I might add, to slip its tentacles into something that you've grown to trust and rely upon? It's a novelty, but what's it really buying you? What could it potentially break?

    I do trust Microsoft, but even smart people make mistakes. When I tried using Outlook with my iCloud email accounts it nuked my Contacts. Lesson learned - don't cross the streams.
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