New EU rules would force Apple to open up iMessage



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    FWIW, at hearings in the last couple of days that apple attended, they have acknowledged they will need to comply with the EU's DMA. 

    "The gatekeeper shall not require end users to use, or business users to use, to offer, or to interoperate with, an identification service, a web browser engine or a payment service, or technical services that support the provision of payment services, such as payment systems for in-app purchases, of that gatekeeper in the context of services provided by the business users using that gatekeeper’s core platform services."

    Gotta read that one a few times to understand exactly what it was saying and what might still need clarifying.
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    davidw said:
    spheric said:
    gatorguy said:
    -Are you claiming the EU cannot do what they are saying they wish to do because "not a monopoly".
    -If so then you're also saying Apple can safely ignore anything the EU has to say about allowing other browser engines besides their own on your iPhone?
    -Or that Apple could have safely said "NO!" to the charger cross-compatibility rules?
    -And that any challenges to Apple AppStore will be of zero consequence and any attempt for regulators to interfere is not legal anyway, and certainly can't stand up to an Apple legal challenge if they try? 
    The simplest thing to do would be to ship EU phones without Messages installed, and make it available for download in the app store.

    The EU/EC are waaayyyy too full of themselves, and the best thing to do is to ship crippled phones to EU customers and let EU customers know it's EU rules and regulations causing it.

    The EU has already crippled their native industries, and outside of a couple of infrastructure companies there are no big tech companies left within their jurisdiction.

    The fact that the EU thinks it's appropriate to go after revenues made outside of the EU just shows how fatheaded they've become.
    The point of fines is that they’re supposed to hurt. 

    Even with fat headed global megacorps who figure they don’t need to follow laws because they can afford the cash to violate them. 

    The US courts generally seem to agree, btw. Look up this famous case for an inkling of how silly you sound:
    No, your link shows the the US court disagree. [detailed explanation snipped]
    Thanks for the explanation and clarification! Appreciated. 
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,104member
    To update the story, the EU has now determined that iMessage is not a dominant service in the EU. The service is safe from competition authorities. 
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