Wired CarPlay vs. wireless - the pros and cons



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    JP234 said:
    Graeme000 said:
    JP234 said:
    Our new 2022 Volvo XC40 has a weird mix: wireless charging, but wired CarPlay. There's a nook in front of the shifter with built in charger, and 2 USB-A ports. I found a 12" USB-Lightning cable, which is just long enough to attach to the phone when it's in the charger nook, without a tangled mess. And there's even a tiny drawer, like the old ashtrays, where I can stow the cable when not in use.
    Our 2022 Mazda CX-5 is similar. We had a 2021 CX-5 which had wireless Carplay but was totalled, so we got the 2022. The dealership said wireless was too buggy, so the new ones went wired only, but gained a wireless charging pad. 

    I find it really inconvenient to need to plug-in to use it. I do plug in every time since the experience is so much better than the standard system, but it's a drag to have to pull out my phone every time.
    I don't really find it inconvenient. I just plug the phone in when I get in the car. This is not like breaking rocks in the hot sun.
    Yeah it's not the end of the world. I think I was spoiled with wireless, so knowing what I'm missing is annoying.

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    itinj24 said:
    My biggest issue with wireless CarPlay is that you lose connection to your home Wi-Fi network when CarPlay connects.  Living in an area with poor cellular service, I rely heavily on Wi-Fi to stay connected.  So if I go into my garage, start my car, wireless CarPlay connects. But then, while my car is warming up, I can’t set up a navigation route  because of the poor cellular connection. 
    Perhaps if you set your route on your iPhone before you start the car, you won’t have a problem. Also, how long are you warming up the car? Modern engines don’t need to be “warmed up” before you start moving, and if you’re parked in a garage, the inside shouldn’t be that cold. Plus, the engine will get warm enough to heat the cabin more quickly if it’s operating at the higher RPMs generated as you start moving down the road, as opposed to idling in the garage (and pumping fumes into your home).
    I was going to say the same thing. It's a problem they're creating. I'm in a cold climate and the fastest way to "warm up the car" is to drive it.
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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,241member
    Wired better connection (sound) every time better security every time, on the road I don’t wanna broadcast anything other than the cellular service.
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    I installed an Alpine ILX-107 aftermarket head unit - built specifically for wireless carplay - in my car the end of 2016.  I HHAATTEE two things:  

    1) Unique, overly-complicated, manufacturer-designed infotainment systems all thinking they are the best/people will buy their cars based on their solutions (looking at you BMW iDrive, Ford Sync) and
    2) WIRES coming out of the dash, dangling from the windshield, wrapped around the shifter, poking out from an adapter in the cigarette lighter socket.

    I have been thrilled with WCP since I installed it and am still driving the same car today; I cannot understand how every car from 2020 onward is not so equipped.  Who in their right mind woukd spend $100K on a new luxo truck and be content to plug in their phone???

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