iOS 16.4 will support faster 5G on T-Mobile

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The beta of iOS 16.4 reportedly includes support for technology that can make real-world performance of 5G networks faster.

In August 2020, T-Mobile launched what it called a "standalone" 5G network across the US. Non-standalone networks, as used by most carriers, delivers 5G speeds but does so by leveraging existing LTE architecture.

That's sped up the rolling out of 5G to customers, but it hasn't provided the maximum speeds that 5G can offer. With 5G used for the core routing of the service, 5G Standalone should be quicker and, according to T-Mobile, be more robust.

Now France's Consomac site reports that the latest iOS 16.4 beta includes a 5G Standalone option in the iPhone's Settings. Reportedly, the setting defaults to on for T-Mobile users.

It's claimed that 5G Standalone can exceed 3Gbps. but as yet, T-Mobile is the only network supporting it.

"This is where it gets interesting," Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile, said at the 2020 launch, "opening the door for massive innovation in this country -- and while the other guys continue to play catch up, we'll keep growing the world's most advanced 5G network."

It's not yet clear what the benefits for consumers will be, nor how wide the "standalone" network actually is.

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    libertyforalllibertyforall Posts: 1,418member
    I assume this applies to MVNOs such as Mint Mobile which use the T-Mobile network, can anyone confirm?
    edited March 2023
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    AppleishAppleish Posts: 696member
    I've gotten up to 700 Mbps on T-Mobile. Much faster averages than Verizon. But I'll take more.
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    jamnapjamnap Posts: 89member
    I doubt Mint will offer this.  We have both TMO and Mint service (unlimited plans) in our home and there is a clear difference in service quality, mainly data speeds and text messaging, being used at the same time, same location and exact same hardware (iPhone 14 Pro all connected via eSims).  I think MVNOs can offer cheaper plans because you are not getting the same service quality. I could be wrong, but based on actually service comparisons between TMO and Mint, we do see a big difference when service is used/tested from exact same location/time: Mint is much slower and less dependable even though it runs on TMO’s network. Just FYI, based on our experience, we are thinking about dropping Mint and moving to TMO’s “add-a-line/family plan” once a promo is offered by TMO.  
    edited March 2023
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    andyringandyring Posts: 54member
    I wonder if it'll make anything better in Nebraska on T-Mobile. Right now in the Cornhusker State, T-Mobile is roughly analogous to two tin cans and string.
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    zompzomp Posts: 63member
    Should be interesting - this was a recent speed test in Raleigh, NC. Normally or speed is around 750 t0 1000Mbs. What speeds should we expect after the update? I feel like I should share some with my Verizon and AT&T friends.

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