Apple Pay now available in South Korea

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Apple Pay has seemingly soft-launched in South Korea with only one card issuer.

Apple Pay launches in South Korea
Apple Pay launches in South Korea

Following regulatory hurdles, Apple Pay was expected to launch in South Korea at any time, which has only been recently confirmed by Apple. Now, it seems the feature is live, according to a couple of sources.

A Twitter user, only known as "Aaron," or user @aaronp613, has shared an image of code indicating Apple Pay is live in South Korea. Alongside this, he's also shared a link to a Korean Apple support document with more information.

The near-empty document is meant to be a list of cards currently available for Apple Pay in the region. So far, only Hyundai Card has been added to the list.

These lists are maintained by Apple, but aren't always up to date, so users will need to check with their card providers for support. For example, despite this indicating a launch of Apple Pay in the region, Apple's support document for where Apple Pay is available hasn't been updated to show South Korea.

Apple Pay is seemingly now live in South Korea!

-- Aaron (@aaronp613)

Aaron shares code discovered in betas and is a reliable source for such information. He's previously shared code referencing realityOS and Apple Homekit architecture upgrades.

Apple hasn't officially announced the Apple Pay launch but will likely do so soon. There is a chance it is waiting on more launch partners to provide support before it makes an announcement.

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