Apple seeds developer release candidate for iOS and iPadOS 16.4

in iOS edited March 2023
Developers can now download the release candidate fifth beta version of the iOS and iPadOS 16.4 operating systems for new emojis and more.

Apple updates beta software
Apple updates beta software

Developers taking part in the beta can get the most recent builds either by updating gear that is already running the beta operating systems or by visiting the Apple Developer Center. Public beta versions are often made available via the Apple Beta Software Program shortly after their developer counterparts.

Apple has released the fifth beta following the fourth update on March 15 for iOS and iPadOS 16.4. They each have a build number of 20E246, up from 20E5239b.

These versions are also release candidates, meaning that it is likely that full public releases of the updates will be made available in the near future.

The most recent beta additions to the operating system have included more Shortcuts actions, more always-on display controls, and rich previews for Mastodon users in iMessage.

Registered developers will have the option to enable developer betas directly in Settings starting with iOS 16.4. When beta profiles are installed on a device, Apple will automatically enable this feature if the device is logged into iCloud using the same Apple ID that was used to sign up for the Apple Developer Program.

AppleInsider and Apple strongly suggest users don't install beta operating systems or other beta software on "mission-critical" or primary devices, as there is the small chance of issues that could result in the loss of data. Testers should instead use secondary or non-essential hardware and ensure they have sufficient backups of their critical data at all times.

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    Does this finally include the new HomeKit architecture? Or has it been pulled again? Can’t find any mention either way 
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