Friday Night Baseball no longer free, returns to Apple TV+ on April 7

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The second year of Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ sees 25 weeks of action, though there will be no more free games to watch.

"Friday Night Baseball" starts off with the Texas Rangers at the Chicago Cubs for the inaugural daytime game at Wrigley Field. Then the San Diego Padres at the Atlanta Braves, complete the first of Apple's weekly doubleheaders.

"We can't wait for 'Friday Night Baseball' to start up again, and we're excited for fans to experience everything new we're bringing this season," Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Services, said in a statement. "Apple TV+ truly has something for everyone, from two live baseball games every Friday night, to an incredible slate of award-winning original films and series -- there's never been a better time to sign up."

This year fans will have no choice but to sign up to an Apple TV+ subscription, however. Last season, Apple offered certain games for free, but none have been announced as free-to-air this time.

Lauren Gardner returns to present live pre- and post-game coverage, alongside Siera Santos. Former MLB umpires Brian Gorman and Dale Scott will join the team.

Announcers during the games will include Wayne Randazzo and Alex Faust, who will be providing play-by-play commentary. Heidi Watney and Tricia Whitaker are sideline reporters, while Ryan Spilborghs is an analyst.

As with its first season, Apple TV+ is launching various MLB series ahead of the first game. This time, they include "Countdown to First Pitch," plus recaps of previous games.

During the season, Apple TV+ will host "MLB Big Inning," a highlights and live look-in "whip-around show."

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    No thanks.
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     Last season, Apple offered certain games for free, but none have been announced as free-to-air this time.”

    Last season Apple offered *all* their games free, only AppleTV access was needed, which just required a free AppleID.

     They intended to charge for them at some point during the season, but never did.
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    IanSIanS Posts: 40member
    Only watched a few games last year, don't think I am a big enough fan to pay.

    Also the music Apple ran when adds were running was so loud and annoying I could hardly stand it.
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    jpellinojpellino Posts: 683member
    The Nelson / Pence / Nolan / Watney team was decent.  The other was unwatchable.  
    Umpires in the booth?  That'll be fun.  
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    charlesncharlesn Posts: 510member
    Just to be clear: nothing changes for Apple TV+ subscribers, who will still get the games at no additional charge. But yeah, even cash-rich Apple can't pay the fortunes that sports leagues want for broadcast/streaming rights and then stream the games for free to everybody. As it is, the kind of high quality, VERY expensive shows that Apple is producing are a gift at $6.99/month with no commercials. Seriously, no one but Apple could afford to spend what they spend and offer subscriptions at that price point with no ad revenue because they're not relying on a streaming service as their business model--for them, it's more of a promotion for overall Apple quality. 
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    No thanks.
    Let the freetards scream!
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