Aqara Video Doorbell G4 is battery powered with HomeKit Secure Video

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Aqara's previously announced Video Doorbell G4 is now available, delivering HomeKit Secure Video in a battery-powered device with a separate chime speaker.

First seen at CES 2023, Aqara's new Video Doorbell G4 is a 1080p camera that features on-device facial recognition. This technology is already in Aqara's Camera Hub G3, and it is meant to allow for automation.

So a user could create an automation where the camera triggers a HomeKit scene on their return. Aqara also says that if a regular postman or woman is spotted, the camera could play a prerecorded message.

The camera comes with a separate chime speaker and, between that and the camera itself, the doorbell is able to sound a loud siren alarm if tampered with.

While it can be wired into a home's mains, it's also able to run for around four months from a set of six AA batteries, depending on use. When wired in, the doorbell can record 24/7, and do store the video either locally via an microSD, or on the cloud.

Aqara offers free cloud storage of up to a week of what the company describes as critical events. The doorbell also supports Apple's HomeKit Secure Video, however, which gives end-to-end encrypted storage for users on iCloud+.

The Aqara Video Doorbell G4 costs $199.99 from Amazon.

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    iOS_Guy80iOS_Guy80 Posts: 728member
    The price is $119.99 on Amazon.
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    Is HomeKit even a thing?
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,451member
    KBuffett said:
    Is HomeKit even a thing?
    Of course. I only buy home automation gear that uses it. Cross-vendor integration with my scenes is a must-have. And I want to use my existing iCloud storage, not pay random vendors monthly fees to use theirs. 
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    customtbcustomtb Posts: 346member
    Looks nice but I need one that also ties into existing chimes. 
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