Apple seeds first developer beta for macOS Ventura 13.4

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Apple has restarted the beta cycle once again, with the release of the first developer beta of macOS Ventura 13.4 for testers to try out.

macOS Ventura gets a new beta
macOS Ventura gets a new beta

Developers signed up for the beta program can pick the latest builds via the Apple Developer Center, or by updating Macs already running beta software. Public beta versions usually arrive a little after the developer versions, and are accessible by the Apple Beta Software Program.

The new first beta follows after the release of macOS Ventura 13.3, which was issued to the public on March 27. That release included 31 new emoji, rich text previews for Mastodon in Messages, and HomeKit architecture changes.

At this early stage, it is unclear what is new in this beta generation, but details will surface as more testers discover any additions.

The first Ventura 13.4 beta build number is 22F5027f.

AppleInsider and Apple strongly suggest users don't install beta operating systems or other beta software on "mission-critical" or primary devices, as there is the small chance of issues that could result in the loss of data. Testers should instead use secondary or non-essential hardware and ensure they have sufficient backups of their critical data at all times.

Find any changes in the new betas? Reach out to us on Twitter at @AppleInsider or @Andrew_OSU, or send Andrew an email at [email protected].

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    I just installed the new 13.4 beta, noticed two new things:

    1- Spotlight began reindexing the drive straight away with a 'your computer may be slow' warning so they may have updated it.

    2- In the control centre there is now a blue dot appearing whenever my computer uses location services. Clicking on control centre also now shows the application that it using location services.
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