Survey says 80% of Mac developers will integrate ChatGPT soon

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The latest annual Setapp survey of Mac developers reports that ChatGPT is of great interest, while 60% want to use third-party app stores.

In the seventh edition of its survey, Setapp almost doubled its number of respondents, rising from 354 in 2022 to 701 this year. There were responses from slightly more countries, too, with 40 in 2022 compared to 37 in 2021.

They were all Mac developers, and this survey was chiefly about the Mac, rather than iOS, which has an impact on the results. For instance, only 6% of the developers work in games.

However, 60% of the Mac developers surveyed said that they would be interested in distributing iOS apps through third-party app stores. At 31%, almost one third currently distribute their Mac apps solely outside the Mac App Store.

That compares to 41% who exclusively distribute via Apple's Mac App Store, and 28% who do both.

For those who distribute both through the Mac App Store and alternatives, such as their own websites, Apple's system was the more profitable. After rounding up, Setapp's survey reports that some 57% of the revenue from these firms came via the Mac App Store, and 44% from elsewhere.

Distributing via the Mac App Store means paying Apple a percentage, and year over year, 14% more developers said they considered this worthwhile. Only 3% said the cost of the Mac App Store was definitely not worth it to them, while 31% said it definitely was.

The future of Mac development

Overall, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are significant for Mac developers, with 44% saying they are already using it, and 28% saying they're working on it. The most common use for AI/ML was making a "highly personalized user experience," at 38%.

Setapp surveyed developers specifically about the use of ChatGPT in their apps. Some 39% said they had already integrated it, while 21% are researching it, and 20% are working on their implementations.

That means a full 80% of Mac developers surveyed are at some stage of implementing ChatGPT into their apps. Only 20% said that they don't intend to use it.

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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,783member
    I was thinking this would just be annoying. That they were all jumping on the bandwagon, but the more I think of it the more I think it would be good. NPC characters in a game who could actually converse with you. Using this for voice command in various software. Letting the software discuss with you what you really want to do with the software. I could see this would work. As long as they don’t use it to find answers from the web. 
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,140member
    ChatGPT is already being used to design malware. What could possibly go wrong?

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    DT36MTDT36MT Posts: 22member
    No and No.
    No to ChatGPT and no to third party App stores. Soon the user will loose control over everything.
    Look at Aiko AI speech to text for example. First adopters complained it is massive, the developer said this is needed for accuracy and to cover all languages. In response to a comment the developer suggested the user goes on line and type something to allow divide the text into paragraphs. Well how does this go with the claim that everything is done on device? It will be increasingly difficult to figure out what exactly massive software with AI that is capable of self awareness and independent operation will do computers where it is installed. Anyone who red the article (9 to 5 Mac and others) about how fast can AI crack passwords should be very concerned. We seem to be jumping head  first into something we know little about. With the spread of AI and being imposed on users through various mostly familiar apps it becomes more important to stick with an App Store that we know and trust (well at least more than other ones).
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    A lot of developers think they'll have to go to multiple app stores because users will stop using Apple's App Store.  I question how high that number is.
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,783member
    A lot of developers think they'll have to go to multiple app stores because users will stop using Apple's App Store.  I question how high that number is.
    That all depends on how much of an exodus there is from the App Store. I have a feeling that a lot of the big name developers will jump ship almost immediately. Then smaller ones may go to fly-by-night hosting services that don’t collect Apple’s 15% cut, but they will have lower standards.
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    SahinaSahina Posts: 7member
    No doubt, this will happen but I think it will take a reasonable amount of time. 
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    Translation 60% of developers want to do underhand things that they are prevented from doing by App Store rules.

    I doubt that Apple will allow 3rd party stores world wide they will only do it in jurisdictions where they are compelled to. Thus some developers will not jump ship because the cost of supporting multiple stores will outweigh the increased revenue.
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    looplessloopless Posts: 295member
    As an App developer, I can categorically state that what Apple does for their 15%-30% is  just massive - it's an amazing business infrastructure. For example,  dealing with tax laws in multiple regions is a nightmare that Apple just 'handles' for you. And helping with the European privacy laws, the list goes on.

    Only greedy or low quality developers who want to scam users would be interested in a third-party App Store. This is just a case of the grass is always greener and young developers who never experienced life before the App Store. 
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