New MacBooks set for launch during June's WWDC

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Aside from the rumored headset, Apple could be planning more hardware launches during WWDC, with a collection of new MacBook models set to make an appearance.

While WWDC is supposed to be software and developer centric, it has often been the venue for Apple to introduce some new hardware. For 2023, it seems that the list of launches at the event can include some MacBook models.

According to Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman offers that some new MacBook models will appear at the event. However, he stops short of stating what specific models are on the way.

Gurman does state that there is a wide array of Macs on the way, including a 15-inch MacBook Air, an updated 13-inch MacBook Air, a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, an updated 24-inch iMac, updated high-end MacBook Pro models, and the first Mac Pro sporting Apple Silicon. Two Mac Studio follow-ups are also apparently planned.

All models are said to be launching either in 2023 or in early 2024, with the exception of the Mac Studio updates, which have "less clear" timing.

"At least some" notebook models will launch at WWDC, Gurman believes. However, there's a "big caveat" in that they probably won't use M3 chips, and instead will remain in the M2 generation.

New MacBooks did appear in apparent test logs, including a 15-inch MacBook Air, which may be an indicator of which models could appear at WWDC.

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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,835member
    As you said WWDC is developer and software centric. I’d lay odds on it being just before, so as to not draw attention away from WWDC. Either that or they might be announced, for release in the fall. 
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    charlesncharlesn Posts: 907member
    Ummmm... it doesn't take a genius to mention just about the entire Mac and Macbook lines and "predict" that updated versions are on the way. Pro tip: updated versions of everything are almost always "on the way" at some point in time. I'm thinking that the base M3 gets introduced in the Macbook Air (both sizes) and the iMac, in the same way that the base M2 went into the non-pro line first. How the Faux Pro Macbook 13" has remained in the lineup at this point is beyond me, but I guess there's enough of a market for this silliness of a "Pro" moniker that lacks pro performance. 
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    DAalseth said:
    As you said WWDC is developer and software centric. I’d lay odds on it being just before, so as to not draw attention away from WWDC. Either that or they might be announced, for release in the fall. 
    The M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were announced at WWDC last year. 
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 2,851member
    Makes sense. New air models have been rumored a long time. 
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    Haven’t heard much about the Mac Pro for about a month.
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    MisterKitMisterKit Posts: 506member
    A surprise M series 12" Macbook would be cool.
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    AniMillAniMill Posts: 170member
    For me the item of most interest will be a new Mx Mac Pro. The Mac Studio feels exactly like the iMac Pro - a stopgap until the 2019 Mac Pro was released. And actually I loved my iMac Pro for its gorgeous 5K display and stellar performance. No, it wasn’t the fastest computer available, but it was a great compromise. The Mac Studio Ultra sorta feels the same - but it IS a spectacularly fast computer. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if both the Mac Studio and Studio Display just went *POOF!* when the Mac Pro ships with its Studio XDR 8K (perhaps).
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    zeus423zeus423 Posts: 251member
    27" iMac  
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    I find it odd that the local Best Buy has never had a Mac Studio on display. They supposedly sell it since they have a label for it next to the Mac Mini. They also have the Studio Display out but not the Mac Studio.
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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 2,851member
    Haven’t heard much about the Mac Pro for about a month.
    I think some sense finally sunk in that the M2 wasn’t the right starting point for a Mac Pro. 

    That’s probably why we’ve been getting all the M3 smoke - indicating it’s been fast tracked. 

    The M2 was a nice little spec bump to M1. But the M3 is where the new generation tech comes into play - primarily in the GPU. 

    Either an M3 Extreme or multiple M3 class SOCs connected via a board level Fabric would suit. I imagine they’ll crank it, so the 3nm process is going to help massively with cooling. 
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    charlesncharlesn Posts: 907member
    The base M2 chip is almost a year old, introduced in the new MBA 13" that debuted at last year's WWDC. And as we now know, it's only incrementally better IRL than the M1 it replaced, with that improvement often offset by the slower SSD configurations that went into base models of M2 machines. So what's the "updated" MBA 13" going to be without an M3 chip? WiFi 6E compatible? I dunno... I still think we see the base M3 introduced. But if not, then it's gotta be an MBA 15" M2 plus an M2 iMac. 
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