Harber London MacBook Sleeve review: Handcrafted and pricey protection

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The Harber London Zippered Sleeve is a secure and comfortable MacBook sleeve for those with a taste for handcrafted goods.

Founded in 2012, Harber London was inspired to address the difficulty of finding quality laptop sleeves. They have found their niche in using full-grain leather and handcrafting their many products, making bags and wallets, and specializing in accessories for the Apple ecosystem.

The zippered sleeve is a pleasant return to their original idea. Coming in Mocha, Black, and Olive, the sleeve has nine different size options, fitting 13-inch to 16-inch MacBooks across many generations.

The outer material is mostly a water-resistant recycled fabric, which we found to be a wise choice in material considering the absorbent soft melange interior lining. This lining feels like a pillow for your MacBook and cushions the inside in case of a drop.

As with most Harber London products, the sleeve is handcrafted in Spain. The label and zipper are detailed with full-grain leather, and the zipper opens out, minimizing zipper teeth scratches on your laptop.

We found that the lightweight materials and fitting size for our 13-inch MacBook Air made use very comfortable, and drops barely made a more muffled sound due to the soft lining absorbing the impact quickly. However, this is by no means a heavy-duty case, but it is very convenient for day-to-day use.

Lightweight, classy, and convenient protection

The Harber London MacBook Sleeve is a good choice for those seeking MacBook protection, but the high price point from a luxury leather accessory company means this sleeve isn't for everyone. Many size options ensure a perfect fit, and close attention to detail for materials makes the user experience worry-free in case of drops or spills.

The stylish design makes it a good accessory for business professionals, while the durability makes it a decent item for travelers. We found that the sleeve doesn't call too much attention to itself, appealing to those who prefer a more minimalist approach to their MacBook accessories.

Overall, the Harber London Zippered Sleeve is a reliable choice for anyone looking to protect their laptop while adding a touch of class to their everyday carry.

Harber London Zippered Sleeve Pros
  • Luxury feel and quality

  • Water resistant and eco-friendly material

  • Comfortable, like an airbag for your laptop
Harber London Zippered Sleeve Cons
  • Expensive, at about $150 USD

  • Won't save your MacBook from everything
Rating: 4 out of 5

The Harber London Zippered Sleeve is available at the Harber London store for 119 Pounds sterling, which is $147 at the time of publication.

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    M68000M68000 Posts: 576member
    The article does not seem to mention if there is space for a charger and cables.  Does not look like it has a separate pouch.
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    M68000 said:
    The article does not seem to mention if there is space for a charger and cables.  Does not look like it has a separate pouch.
    Double the price add a Tech Dopp Kit :)
    edited April 23
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