Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard review: Brighten your typing experience

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The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is customizable, with colorful lighting and wireless capabilities -- but at a steep price.

Kemove K68 Keyboard
Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have become an increasing trend, with more and more people acquiring them because of the aesthetic they provide and the typing experience they give.

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard brings the mechanical design while wrapping the product in colorful lighting to bring fun to both the look and feel of the keyboard. It offers deep customization options by allowing you to change the lighting effect you see, the keycaps you type on, and the switches underneath.

Even so, it only brings the base level of what other mechanical keyboards offer, and the price it retails at may not justify it to consumers.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard design

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is a simple wireless mechanical keyboard connected via Bluetooth, a USB-C cable, or the included USB-A receiver. Bluetooth is equipped with 2.4 GHz and a 5.1 connection.

At 11.61 inches long, 5.12 inches wide, and 1.18 inches thick, the K68 Mechanical Keyboard has a unique ergonomic DSA profile. It ships with double shot keys for extra comfort while typing and extra durability for the keyboard.

The keycaps are 65% triple-mode low profile, raised slightly to give them a little depth when typing. These can be switched out to customize the exterior design to your liking.

All 68 keys are 100% anti-ghosting and are equipped with anti-static technology, to minimize any issues while typing at speed.

Keycap removed exposing underlying switch
Keycap removed exposing underlying switch

Underneath are hot-swappable switches that can be customized to configure the keyboard you want to type on.

An RGB backlight is located underneath the keys, within each key, and wrapped around the keyboard's exterior with five wrap-around light strips.

Full Kemove K68 Keyboard view with backlights on
Full Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard view with backlights on

Located underneath are two adjustable foot stands to elevate the keyboard while typing, and on the back is a USB-C port for recharging and to use as a wired connection.

On the left side are two switches, with one to identify if you are using the keyboard with a Mac or PC. The other is used to choose how you want to connect the keyboard, whether it's wired, Bluetooth, or uses 2.4G.

Control switches on the left side
Control switches on the left side

While there are no media and sound dedicated keys, many functions to control the operating system are done by holding the Fn key and an additional letter or the number key.

Three devices can be connected to the K68 Mechanical Keyboard at once, and quickly switched between through the Z, X, and C keys, with the addition of the Fn key.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard customization

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard can be customized from the inside and out. You can customize the lighting effects, the brightness of the backlights, the keys you type on, and the switches underneath.

Changing keycaps and switches

You can pop off the keys and pluck off the switches with the included tools that the K68 Mechanical Keyboard comes with. The keycaps pull off quite easily with a simple tug, but the switches require a little more wiggle and pull to get them off.

Keycap removal tool
Keycap removal tool

No additional keycaps or switches are included with your purchase of the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard, but they can be bought on the manufacturer's website. The switches are compatible with almost all 3-pin and 5-pin Mx mechanical switches -- including Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh.

Switch removal tool
Switch removal tool

Customizing the backlights

The backlights can also be customized, with 19 different options, and you can set up additional colors and rhythms via the Kemove Control Hub. You can simultaneously press the Fn and "\" keys to change the lighting effect.

Backlights glowing underneath the keys
Backlights glowing underneath the keys

You can control the brightness and speed of the lighting effects by holding down the Fn key and pressing one of the arrow keys. The up or down arrows will control the brightness, and the left and right arrows will set the speed of the effect.

Kemove K68 Keyboard with backlights on
Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard with backlights on

The primary color shown through the effect and the lighting around the keyboard's base can be changed and turned on and off.

Programmer and Macro settings can be set, including full fundamental custom key change, key combination settings, macro command recording settings, and support for up to 5 groups of custom light settings.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard battery

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard includes a large 3,000 mAH battery that can last up to 12 days with the backlights on, and up to six months with the backlights off. If the keyboard is inactive for five minutes, the backlights will automatically turn off, and if it is inactive for 30 minutes, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect.

Holding down the Fn, Alt, and the right arrow key will display how much battery remains in the keyboard, depending on the color shown:

  • Green = 95% to 100%

  • Blue = 50% to 95%

  • Orange = 20% to 50%

  • Red = 20% or lower
If the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is displaying a red light, you can charge it via the braided USB-C cable included in the box or any USB-C you currently have.

Braided USB-C included cable
Braided USB-C to USB-A included cable

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard typing experience

Typing on the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is comfortable and easy to conform to. The keys are bouncy and have no stick to them when pushed down repeatedly.

Raised keys with a little depth to them
Raised keys with a little depth to them

With the keys being raised slightly -- while having a depth -- it makes your fingers slide into the center of them so you are perfectly pressing the center with each press.

Though the lighting effect waves across the keyboard continuously -- until you turn it off -- it does not become distracting, and it is quite beautiful and engaging to look at when you need a quick typing break. They are bright, beautiful, and calming at the same time.

There is low latency between the keyboard and the device you are connected to via Bluetooth, with no lag with the text you type showing up on the screen. The connection is stable and no out-of-nowhere disconnections happened during the review period.

Whether you type slow or fast, the K68 Mechanical Keyboard can keep up with you and create every word and number you type. There should be no worries about stuttering or pausing when converting your typing into actual on-screen text.

Wave through your typing experience

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is a fun keyboard that brings an array of prismatic shades to your typing experience. The colors wave between each key to give it a lovely view to glance at when viewing them.

Kemove K68 Keyboard
Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

The effects are immersive by allowing you to choose one of the multiple lighting shows presented to you in enjoyable and quirky ways. They can range from flowing entirely across the board to lighting up individual keys in different areas.

Base lights of the Kemove K68 Keyboard
Base lights of the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

Whether it's typing fast or slow, the keyboard will also stay in concert with you, with excellent responsiveness and accuracy. The keys felt nice to work with and were not rough on the fingers when performing long-term typing.

Customizing the keycaps and switches was easy to do, and it did not take much effort to switch them out. It was disappointing that no additional keys or switches were provided in the box, though -- which is something other mechanical keyboard manufacturers supply.

While the keyboard is pretty and nice to type on, it lacks some primary functionality keys that can control media, volume, and display brightness -- to name a few. While you can access these functions with keyboard shortcuts, you must perform multiple combinations that may become hard and confusing to remember.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard keys
Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard keys

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard is a great keyboard to type on and is visually beautiful all around. Still, it offers the basic customization and experience compared to what other mechanical keyboards provide -- especially at the price you must pay.

Starting at $90 is a steep ask for a keyboard that doesn't include additional swappable keys or a row of system controls, especially for those who aren't mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. The essential functions and customizations are good, but if you want more, you must pay more.

If you want a fun mechanical keyboard to type on and look at, then the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard might be a good fit for you. But if you want more than the base customization and keys offered, then you may want to look for another keyboard.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard - Pros

  • Deep customization

  • Comfortable typing experience

  • Bright color effect

  • Long battery

  • No lag between the keyboard and the connected device

  • Multiple ways to connect to a device

  • Can connect to various devices at once

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard - Cons

  • No system setting keys for volume or media

  • Multiple key combinations for essential function keys

  • No replacement keys or switches included

  • High price tags

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

You can purchase the Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard from the company itself starting at $89.99. Price may vary depending on the combination of keycap color and switches you choose.

It is also available from Amazon, for a retail price of $89.99 -- but it is often on sale.

The Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard currently comes in white, black, and black and white.

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