Apple Store crash driver pleads not guilty to second-degree murder

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Bradley Rein, who drove an SUV into an Apple Store in Hingham, has appeared in Massachusetts Superior Court, pleading not guilty to 25 charges.

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne
Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne

Rein drove the car into the Apple Derby Street store in November, killing one person and injuring many more. He has since claimed it was an accident, and previously faced charges from Hingham District Court.

According to news station Boston 25, Rein has now pleaded not guilty in the Plymouth County Superior Court in Broxton. Rein remains free on a $100,000 bail, but the court's judge has now also ordered that he wear a GPS device, surrenders his passport, and stays in Massachusetts.

Rein is also required to refrain from driving, and to not possess weapons.

Boston 25 reports that the charges filed in court on Monday have been upgraded from previous charges of reckless homicide by a motor vehicle, to second-degree murder. However, the reckless homicide charge, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle, were the original ones brought by Hingham District Court shortly after the crash in November 2022.

Rein's appearance at the Plymouth County Superior Court was an arraignment concerning the second-degree murder charge, and others, set in the lower courts in March 2023.

Hingham resident Rein will next appear in court on these charges on June 21, 2023.

Separately, Apple is being sued over the accident, which the victims' representatives say was "100% preventable." Both Tim Cook and Apple's head of retail Deirdre O'Brien have visited the victims in hospital.

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    EsquireCatsEsquireCats Posts: 1,268member
    "100% preventable"- good grief, it's a store not a fort. Full sympathy to the poor people who were victims of this psycho's crime, but trying to profit off a tragedy is so on brand for the litigious American stereotype.
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    Preventable? Yeah right. 

    Turn every Apple Store into a bunker? 

    BUT, it’s really important to try and cash in on something like this. 
    That’s the American Way!

    the whole thing is sickening
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    Honestly, I’m still amazed at how Apple hasn’t put in waist high concrete pillars in front of all their glass cascades. They’ve had more than enough cars driven through their windows for smash and grabs that they ought to be fully aware that glass does not stop cars. 

    Like I get that they’re not as perfect as completely empty space. But this really feels like an instance when. Excessive ought to have trumped aesthetics. They don’t even need to be right in front of the glass. Put them in an arch narrow enough apart that wheel chairs and fat people won’t be effected (I say as a fat person), and call it a day. You can even make them six colours, or entirely silver or whatever. But there should at least be something that will make a massive bang to warn people if a car decides it’s got a Genius Bar appointment. 
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