WhatsApp users can now use the same account on multiple smartphones

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Starting Wednesday, select WhatsApp users can use their WhatsApp account with multiple devices, including more than one phone.

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WhatsApp users can now link their smartphones as one of four additional devices. This number also includes linked WhatsApp Web, tablet, and desktop apps.

According to WhatsApp, many WhatsApp users have highly requested the feature. It benefits users with more than one phone or small businesses needing multiple employees to manage an account.

Each device connects to WhatsApp independently, allowing for end-to-end encryption of personal messages, media, and calls.

WhatsApp also points out that if a user's primary device is inactive for an extended period, they will automatically be logged out of all companion devices.

The update has started rolling out to users globally, and the company says it should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Additionally, WhatsApp will introduce an alternative way to link to companion devices. Users can enter their phone number on the WhatsApp Web app and get a one-time code rather than using the current QR code system.

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    uraharaurahara Posts: 733member
    I can’t believe it. After so many years. What took them so long. It is so long that I can’t be excited about the news anymore. (And I can’t download it on iPad. WTF). 
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    Finally after all these years. Some people do need two active phones 
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    I know several people that have switched to Telegram because of this.

    Have as many devices as you want.
    No "primary" device.
    Not married to your phone number.
    Old messages don't get deleted when losing your phone. 
    Secret chats supported and arguably much more secure than WA. 

    I think Telegram has a better model. 

    WhatApp claims all your chats are end to end encrypted, but collects endless metadata on them.

    WA also asks users to backup their chats in the cloud, which makes the entire end to end thing pointless - your end to end encrypted messages are now in plain text on Apple's servers, and anyone with access to apple's servers, e.g. the NSA, CIA, and probably also every single foreign secret service like China, Russia, etc. 

    WA is old news, Telegram has left it in the dust. 
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    bonobobbonobob Posts: 373member
    What an amazing feature!  How did they ever think of it?  I hope they got a patent for this brilliant idea.  Then they can sue Apple for copying them.
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