Apple is producing USB-C EarPods for the iPhone 15

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Apple is reportedly working on wired EarPods with a USB-C cable ahead of the iPhone 15 lineup as an AirPods alternative, covered under the "Made for i" program.

EarPods gaining USB-C
EarPods gaining USB-C

In October 2022, the European Union passed new regulations mandating a universal charging standard, namely USB-C. Due to the effective date of the law and the covered devices, the iPhone 15 may adopt USB-C, but the iPhone 17 will undoubtedly be required to use it.

A dubious claim shared on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo in February suggested that Apple might comply with the technicalities of the regulation, but not its intent, by including USB-C accessories in its "Made for iPhone" program. "Apple has made its own type C, lightning interface IC which will be used on this year's new iPhone and MFI-certified peripherals," they said.

On Thursday, ShrimpApplePro, who has a good track record for Apple leaks, tweeted about such accessories, including EarPods with a USB-C connector.

Also USB-C MFI cables and Earpods are in mass production for a while is the best proof that it's happening.

-- ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco)

As part of the Made for iPhone (MFi) certification program, Apple approves accessories, sells certain parts, and provides a chip to companies for authentication. It's a way for Apple to ensure that accessories that connect to its iPhone meet quality standards.

ShrimpApplePro says that USB-C MFi cables and a new version of EarPods are in mass production. Apple may release them ahead of the iPhone 15 lineup in the fall of 2023, along with a possible AirPods charging case with a USB-C port.

Apple still sells wired EarPods headphones even though the wireless AirPods have been wildly successful. They're less expensive, don't require charging, and a new version will connect to a USB-C iPhone without an adapter.

ShrimpApplePro was responding to another Twitter user -- @analyst941 -- who claimed that there weren't going to be any MFi limitations on USB-C iPhones. That rumor refers to a previous rumor which said only the iPhone 15 Pro models would get high-speed data transfer rates through the USB-C port.

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    neoncatneoncat Posts: 112member
    Dooofus said:
    I seriously doubt it. It would be a step backward, as Apple has not made a wired ear bud product in years.

    They still sell quite a few of them, apparently, according to a buddy of mine who used to work in an Apple Store (although it's been a few years). They're cheap, you can throw them in a gym or shoulder bag and always have them as an available spare if you misplace your AirPods or they need to charge or whatever. I've got a couple pairs of EarPods (left over from when they still came with the iPhone) and that's exactly what I use them for. 

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    They should have made these years ago. Just for the USB-C only iPads and laptops. Count me in for buying them even before I get a USB-C iPhone. They are cheap, don’t use batteries and they fit my ears. Yes Apple still makes wired headphones in lighting and the old style plug. 
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    Seems to me they'll get lots of sales on non-Apple platforms too. The selection of USB-C buds is not great, and the ones that I've used are generally bass-boosted crap. I'm sure there's good ones out there, but like everything, with Apple you can at least be sure they won't completely suck.

    Just hope they do the same for in-ear, as the original in-ear buds from Apple remain the best non-NC headphone's I've used.
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    JP234JP234 Posts: 1,466member
    I've seen some guest analysts on CNN & CNBC using them occasionally when they weigh in from home. They're all over 65. Everyone else I see pretty much everywhere uses AirPods of one kind or another. Including me.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,952member
    Creating a USB-C AirPod does not appear to bode well for a portless iPhone.
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,063member
    This would be nice. Then I could use them with my iPads when I don’t want to or can’t use my AirPods, like on a long flight while the AirPods are charging. 
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    chutzpahchutzpah Posts: 250member
    Dooofus said:
    neoncat said:
    Dooofus said:
    I seriously doubt it. It would be a step backward, as Apple has not made a wired ear bud product in years.

    although it's been a few years

    Yes, and few years since Apple's sold them.
    ???  That's not an archive link.  They're selling them now.
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