Medtronic gets FDA approval for new iPhone & Apple Watch connected diabetic therapy system...

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Medtronic has announced that its long-awaited 780G diabetic therapy system has gained FDA approval which includes support for iPhone and Apple Watch monitoring.

The new Medtronic 780G system
The new Medtronic 780G system

The Medtronic 780G system encompasses the insulin therapy pump and the Guardian 4 constant glucose monitor -- or CGM. Combined, Medtronic is able to create a hybrid closed-loop delivery system that can issue automatic corrections based on blood sugar.

It also works to make corrections with automatic meal corrections. Users can input their estimated carbs consumed and if the pump detects your blood sugar spiking rapidly, it will issue a stronger correction dosage to bring you within range.

If you forgot to bolus for a meal, it too will deliver a correction bolus to counteract the carbs. Should you drift low, insulin delivery will be suspended.

This is similar to the Tandem T:Slim X2 that works with the Dexcom G6 sensors for its hybrid closed loop system. Soon it will add support for the Dexcom G7.

Like with Dexcom, high and low blood sugar will show on your Apple Watch and iPhone with new readings appearing every five minutes. Unlike Tandem's system, you are unable to control the insulin pump from your phone at this time.

The Medtronic 780G requires a prescription for use. Type I diabetics interested in it can sign up to be notified of its availability on Medtronic's website.

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    This is potentially life saving. Big news.
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    Andrew_OSUAndrew_OSU Posts: 573member, editor
    This is potentially life saving. Big news.
    Yes, but it is years behind the competition that was already doing this. As T1D, I moved away from Medtronic after they feel so far behind the Tandem T:Slim and Omnipod. The new T:Slim X3 is slated for this year and will include USB-C recharging, wireless software updates with new features, a revamped touch screen interface, and an updated version of their hybrid closed loop system that works with both the Freestyle Libre and the new Dexcom G7.

    So yes. This is very good news, lifesaving news, but they are only playing catchup to what's been in the marketplace. 
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    Yes fair enough. The more widespread this gets the better. Sadly, this comes too late for my friend…
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