Don't hassle the waitress

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A good friend of mine was working her way through university, studying to be a lawyer..( God help us ).

Anyway, to support herself she took to working in a high class restaurant. ( I won't name the establishment )

One day, she told me that she had had a run in with a very obnoxious customer who would single her out for very rude remarks & other unsavoury gestures.

The nicer she was, the more testy he would become.

Finally she burst into tears and sat in a corner of the kitchen crying her eyes out.

In between sobs, she told the chef, who listened compassionately to her story.

Then a little twinkle filled the chef's eyes.

"Don't worry about it..I will give him a sample of my "Mystery Dish" called " Pisce Le Rougue "

He ordered her out of the Kitchen while he prepared his dish.

A few minutes later she approached the obnoxious customer who was smoking a cigar and presented him with a small plate of "delights" that had been lightly fried in batter and were roughly three inches in circumference.

He wolfed them down & asked for the recipe.

She returned to the kitchen with the empty plate.

" Did he enjoy them ? " he asked

" Yes & he wanted the recipe "

The chef smiled and told her to tell him it was a "family secret that he couldn't divulge", but all she could tell him that they were

" as easy as piss to make "

I leave the rest to your imagination


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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    Holy shit ! this dish was tastefull, i apreciate it very much
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    How do you fry piss in batter
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    Piss in Batter recipe?

    Gee its a family secret..but what the heck....

    ( A ) Take 6 medium sized beer coasters,

    ( B ) Put them in a bowl,

    ( C ) Pour suitable liquid into bowl.

    ( D ) Allow ten minutes for coasters to swell & soak .

    ( E ) Drain excess fluid to paper towels,

    ( F ) liberally dip coasters in batter

    ( G ) Serve with relish & glee

    Bon Apetite !

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    it never fails to amaze me why anyone would mess with a person that handles your food and drinks out of eye shot. dumb asses. for the most part, they deserve whatever comes their way IMHO. i discovered long ago that there are way too many assholes in this world. i know, big suprise. that's part of the reason i stayed behind the bar and away from waiting tables as much as possible. something about having that bar between you and the customer gives you some sort of power of not having to put up with as much bullshit. in fact, looking back on it years later, it's quite amazing the kinds of things i was able to get away with without being fired.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    Tats one very important lesson learnt! Never mess around with the waiters and cooks!.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    I used to manage a take-out only pizza place. I dealt with people so rude it would make your hair stand up on end. We would have 40 orders in line to fill, and guys would threaten me with violence if I didn't "get their goddamed fu**ing pizza made pronto".

    They got extra special ingredients in their pizzas. Bad ones.

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    Do tell, murbot! Do tell!
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    I used to be an esspresso jockey . .. way back when, in SF . . . and there was an amazingly arrogant obnoxious jerk who came in regularly .

    I started with just a little Tobasco sauce in his Esspresso . . . but he didn't seem to notice . . . he returned a couple of them but never really noticed the second time . . until finally, almost 30% of the demi-tasse was filled with Sauce

    all that he said when returning it was that it was terrible and tasted strangely like Tobasco Sauce

    But, thankfully the jerk stopped frequenting our establishment
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    That's excellent.
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