Apple Maps may offer lock screen navigation in iOS 17, claims iffy rumor

in iOS edited May 2023
The lock screen will gain some more Apple Maps functionality which could make it easier to navigate without necessarily needing to unlock the iPhone, a sketchy rumor claims.


Apple's WWDC 2023 event is a month away, and the rumors about what it will unveil are starting to flow. In a Monday tweet, it is claimed part of the changes will be one affecting Apple Maps in iOS 17.

According to leaker "@Analyst941" on Twitter, a new Maps Live Activity will be made available for the lock screen on all iPhone models. Under the feature, users will be able to get more information from Maps without necessarily need to deal with keeping the iPhone unlocked all the time.

In effect, a small version of the route map will be visible on the lock screen, along with any navigational instructions. There will apparently be a seamless transition to the standard Maps view after unlocking the device.

While offering route details, the lock screen addition will still show other elements until it's unlocked, except for widgets. Notifications will be viewable by a swipe-up, overlaying on top of the map.

Love it or don't, Apple doesn't care - this is the new Maps "Live Activity" for Lock Screen (all iPhones).

- Seamless transition when unlocking.

- View notifications over the map by swiping up as usual.

- shows most Lock Screen elements until unlocked (except widgets afaik).

-- 941 (@analyst941)

The leaker also claims you will be able to minimize the Map to "the size of the music player on the Lock Screen, and re-maximize it by tapping the activity."

Multiple leaks have been reported by @Analyst941 in recent weeks, including claims of Final Cut Pro arriving on iPad in 2024, iPadOS 17 extending Stage Manager support to cover external monitor webcams, and a laundry list of other changes. They have also claimed the watchOS 10 interface changes will include folders, and that an Apple Watch will be capable of synchronizing with more than one Apple device at once.

While some of these supposed leaks are compelling, the leaker doesn't have much of a track record to go on. Many of the claims may not necessarily come to fruition in Apple's keynote address.

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    JP234 said:
    It would certainly improve the CarPlay navigation, but still wouldn't meet the integrated NAV systems of most automakers (the ones that come with top trim packages and cost beaucoup bucks).
    Have you used CarPlay? This rumor doesn't address CarPlay and specifically talks about Maps on the Lock Screen. When using CarPlay navigation there's no need to look at your phone at all. I keep mine inside the console compartment where it's out of the way.

    For me anyway, both of my cars integrated nav systems pale in comparison to Apple Maps. They look significantly worse, aren't as up to date and are much slower to respond when using voice. 
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    Personally i would welcome this change and also note how Apple Maps quality has been improving over time. GPS and compass fidelity is still a bit weird for me compared to Google Maps.
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