Production on Apple Original 'Severance' shuts down amid Writers Guild strike

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Production on the second season of Apple TV+ hit drama "Severance" has been placed on hold during the second week of the Writers Guild of America Strike.

Apple TV+ thriller 'Severance'
Apple TV+ thriller 'Severance'

The Writer's Guild of America is striking in Hollywood, with approximately 12,000 members on picket lines outside major studios.

According to Deadline members of the WGA were picketing York Studios on Monday, and members of IATSE and the Teamsters refused to cross the picket line.

This is the second Apple TV+ production to stall over the writers' strike. Comedy series "Loot" has also shut down production on its second season.

The WGA strike results from the writer's union and the Alliance for Motion Pictures and Television Producers failing to agree on a new contract between writers and studios. The WGA wanted the new contract to provide fairer pay to writers, as well as protections to make writing a sustainable profession, according to a notice from the WGA.

After a failure to reach an agreement by a May 1 deadline, striking began on May 2.

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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,790member
    Apple needs to cut a side deal with WGA. Raise the pirate flags once more. 
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    OferOfer Posts: 179unconfirmed, member
    Apple needs to cut a side deal with WGA. Raise the pirate flags once more. 
    That would never happen 
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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,777member
    Apple needs to cut a side deal with WGA. Raise the pirate flags once more. 
    That literally couldn’t happen. Neither the WGA or the studios are going to negotiate individual contracts with every production company, as that would take at least a few lifetimes to sort out and emerge victorious from court challenges.

    The WGA is absolutely right to protect its livelihood, particularly in regards to the use of AI. This strike will take quite a while to resolve, I expect, but without it pretty much all writers for film and television would be fired overnight.

    The show will go on at some point, but not until humans win over AI when it comes to creative jobs.
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    beowulfschmidtbeowulfschmidt Posts: 1,825member
    I'd really like to think that the studios and other consumers of writers' product recognize the value that the writers provide, but like any greedy corporation, they constantly demonstrate that they don't.  They always think they can out wait the writers, too.
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