Apple has updated Shazam to add integration with Apple Music Classical

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Apple has updated its music recognition app Shazam to support Apple Music Classical for subscribers to enjoy classical music.

Shazam works with Apple Music Classical
Shazam works with Apple Music Classical

The classical music version of Apple Music launched in March, stemming from its acquisition of the Primephonic classical music streaming service. Shazam, which Apple also acquired, now supports the new classical app.

Users can press the Shazam button to identify a classical music song or search for music. Then, tapping the menu icon on the track page and selecting "Open in Classical" will send the piece to Apple Music Classical.

Apple Music Classical boasts a collection of more than five million songs, making it the world's most extensive classical music library. Its repertoire encompasses the entire range of classical music, from popular recordings to obscure treasures.

The app has a different version of search than Apple Music that offers precise search results using all possible combinations of keywords. This includes details such as composer, work, opus number, conductor, artist, instrument, and even a piece's nickname.

Users can view all available recordings and an Editor's Choice performance by searching for a specific work. Similarly, searching for a composer will display all their available pieces on the platform.

Apple Music Classical is free to download and requires an Apple Music subscription, though it doesn't add any extra costs. It's available for all iPhones running iOS 15.4 or later.

Meanwhile, Shazam is also free to download and works on iPhones and iPads running iOS and iPadOS 15 and later.

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    cincyteecincytee Posts: 404member
    I eagerly await watching Jamie Foxx host the "Beat Shazam!" episode featuring Italian opera arias.
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    Corbey50Corbey50 Posts: 2member
    First they need to teach Shazam to do a better job at recognizing classical music. It's the worst.
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    skipdeedyskipdeedy Posts: 15member
    I just wish they’d release a CarPlay version. 
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    viclauyycviclauyyc Posts: 849member
    Corbey50 said:
    First they need to teach Shazam to do a better job at recognizing classical music. It's the worst.
    The thing is even Shazam can recognized the music. But can it tell the difference of which performer or conductor or even which year of the recording? It is very common for the same performers to have multiple recordings in different years.  
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    I should point out that Shazam used to recognize most classical composition and then it stopped.  So now I just take a picture of a StingRay screen.  Apple, thank you so much!  
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