France doesn't understand why different iPhone models have varying parts



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    mfryd said:
    If the concern is planned obsolescence, a real concern is that Apple prohibits the loading of third party operating systems, and at some point, Apple stops releasing security updates for old models.

    An iPhone with a known security flaw, that you can't patch, is essentially unusable on the public Internet.

    If you really want iPhones/iPads to have long life spans, you should require Apple to unlock a device to allow third party operating systems when Apple stops releasing security updates for that device.   At the very least, that would allow a motivated group to port a modern Android release to that device.  Alternatively, an enterprising individual you could port Linux to the device.

    I do understand that there are some good arguments for Apple to maintain complete control over the underlying OS.  However, great authority brings along great responsibility.   If Apple is going to maintain control over the OS, then they have a responsibility to patch security issues.   Otherwise, Apple is effectively obsoleting a device the moment it stops patching security flaws.

    Nope. Doesn't take much to conceive of how your idea is not better for anyone. And it makes no sense in manufacturing and economics. When I can buy a Ford with a Chevy built engine and a VOLVO dashboard I'll but into this. My 1998 VCR doesn't record either. Things do become obsolete. Where we should fight this is with things like badly made HVAC systems, tires, large household appliances. Not on technology driven devices that can literally be recycled down to almost nothing. And don't end up in a dump. I hate to tell you but MS DOS isn't very secure on my 30 year old PC either these days.

    At some point Apple will stop issuing security updates to my old Mac Mini.  However, I can switch to the Linux OS (or even Windows) and I can continue to use an OS that receives security updates.  

    On the other hand, Apple works very hard at making sure that I can't run an alternative OS on my iPhone or iPad.   Thus, when Apple stops issuing security updates for an old model of iPhone/iPad, it effectively becomes obsolete.   

    By "obsolete" I mean that no longer is useable for its original purpose, as without the security updates, it should not be connected to either the Internet or cellular networks.

    On the other hand, my 1998 VCR can still record standard definition video.   

    The difference between the iPhone and the VCR, is that while the VCR still performs the same functions as it did when I bought it, I no longer have a use for that functionality.  On the other hand, my the original mode iPad should not be used, as without security updates, it should not be connected to the Internet.

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