'Ted Lasso' merch set to land in online Apple Store in June

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Apple could capitalize on the third and probably final season of "Ted Lasso" by selling official merchandise for the show via its online store, a report claims.

'Ted Lasso' [Apple TV]
'Ted Lasso' [Apple TV]

"Ted Lasso" has been a massive success for Apple TV+, with fans able to buy a wide array of products based on the show to support it. With the third season underway, it seems that Apple is preparing to handle some of those sales for itself.

According to Mark Gurman in his "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple will be working with Nike to sell "Ted Lasso" merchandise via the online Apple Store.

Currently, Nike does sell merch through its online store, but the move would mean Apple could sell the products directly. It is reckoned that the items will go on sale in early June, with retail stores displaying a QR code for shoppers to buy the goods.

Apple has previously sold clothing in very small quantities, with Apple-themed items available through its Cupertino company store. Depending on the success of the "Lasso" products, it may result in more Apple TV+ properties appearing in the future.

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    Why on earth would they decide to do this after the whole series is over?
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,226member
    I find the third season to be meandering. Too much time spent on side stories and not enough on football or Ted himself.

    Nate's trajectory is really all over the place. There are seeds of his meanness in the first season itself, but him going off the rails in the second season seemed off-character. 
    They show him as a real mean coach in the initial episode of Season 3, but then he suddenly has a change of heart because of, I am assuming, love?

    Rebecca's side story with the stranger abroad was just a waste of time and Sam's nemesis suddenly makes an appearance, only to be thwarted by the end of the episode.

    We are yet to see the fruits of Roy training Jamie. Jamie wanted to be better than Zava. Hopefully that story comes to a head in the next couple of episodes.

    On topic, I'd probably by a pair of Ted Lasso themed Nike kicks, given that I am a fan of Ted Lasso and Nike.
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 920member
    Apple has missed a lot of retailing opportunities for Apple oriented products.  It's amazing that Apple has not had mugs with at least the Apple Logo for ordering through the stores, or at least having a black and white version available in the stores.  When Apple deliver new colors for their products it is logical to bring in mugs of the same colors. Even if they use a third party retailer to operate inventory management, sales and shipping.  

    How many people would like to buy a WWDC mug with the current logo before the conference?  The potential for Apple oriented products is almost endless and could be a lot of fun for everyone.  (My 50 year old son-in-law has an Apple jacket from the home office store and wears it frequently when the weather cools.)
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    chutzpahchutzpah Posts: 205member
    kenaustus said:

    How many people would like to buy a WWDC mug with the current logo before the conference? 
    Probably not all that many.
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