Rokform MagSafe wallet review: iPhone-attachable card protection

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Rokform has introduced the Fuzion MagSafe Wallet, designed to attach to the back of your iPhone and protect users' cards -- and it does pretty well at that.

Rokform has a MagSafe wallet with a stand
Rokform has a MagSafe wallet with a stand

The company specializes in producing rugged accessories for Apple products, such as iPad cases. Rokform released a new metal MagSafe wallet with a built-in stand for the iPhone.

With a robust aluminum build, the Fuzion Magnetic Magmax Wallet with Stand offers a secure attachment to iPhone 12 or newer models using MagSafe technology. Thanks to the elastic sides, it boasts expandable storage for up to seven cards and three folded bills.

Rokform introduces a novel feature called the Magmax ring, which can be affixed to the rear of any MagSafe phone case. This ring is positioned inside the device to enable a magnetic connection.

While the company describes it as having a "slim" design, the product's metal construction occupies some space. However, the magnetic attachment is quite strong and won't easily slide or fall off the iPhone.

The Fuzion wallet is essentially a money clip. While we didn't have seven cards to test the maximum limit, it could hold four plastic cards and a metal Apple Card.

But you won't be able to slide out one card at a time; it's all or nothing. Similarly, it's possible to fit two cards and some cash but challenging to do so selectively.

You can also remove all the cards simultaneously, but the wallet restricts the insertion to only one or two cards simultaneously.

The package includes the wallet and a screwdriver designed explicitly for the hexalobe screws. The primary reason for disassembling the wallet appears to be for cleaning purposes, as it can't loosen to accommodate additional cards.

The kickstand supports landscape and portrait orientations. Users can adjust it to various angles, staying secure and steady.

This wallet is generally commendable as it allows space for more than two cards, which is better than some other MagSafe wallets. Moreover, its durable metallic design ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice that can withstand years of use.

Fuzion Magnetic Magmax wallet - Pros

  • Durable design

  • Kickstand

  • Secure grip despite weight

Fuzion Magnetic Magmax wallet - Cons

  • Can present challenges with multiple cards and cash

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pricing & Availability

The Fuzion Magnetic Magmax wallet with stand is available from Rokfrom for for $99.99.

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