iPhone 16 Pro screen once again rumored be larger than iPhone 15 Pro

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Another leaker claims Apple will be increasing the size of the iPhone 16 Pro model displays, adding to the number of existing reports and making the prospect seem more likely to happen.

A render of an iPhone 15 Pro
A render of an iPhone 15 Pro

Rumors circulating about the iPhone 16 generation of Pro devices due in 2024 have largely focused on the display changes, with the future releases expected to be slightly bigger than the iPhone 14 Pro and, eventually, the iPhone 15 Pro.

In Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman doubles down on claims made by others, that the iPhone 16 Pro models will see their screens grow slightly. The "largest ever" screens for the iPhones will be to help create more space inside the iPhone itself for other components, such as the often-rumored periscope camera.

Accoriding to Gurman, the Pro models will grow from 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches by "a couple tenths of an inch diagonally," rather than as a more noticeable increase.

Gurman's comment follows a May 16 tweet from leaker "Uredditor, which put the sizes at 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches for the Pro and Pro Max respectively. Ming-Chi Kuo added the same day that the models will be slightly larger, while on May 9, Ross Young of DSCC tweeted the screens would be 6.2 inches and 6.8 inches.

While the general consensus is that the screens will be bigger for the iPhone 16 Pro models, it seems that just how big the difference could be is still up for debate.

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    scatzscatz Posts: 29member
    I've got the old iPhone X and after 5 or 6 years I can say that this is the perfect display size. Not only that, it is very clear and durable as not a scratch, which from me is amazing as it at times gets put in my pockets with my keys !

    The wife had an iPhone se which was from the same case as the iPhone 5 and i found that a tad too small. I think the iPhone mini may also be a bit smaller than the X.

    Happy to upgrade but would want the same size screen 😎
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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 919member
    For a device I largely use for content access rather than communication a bit more size from my 14 pro max could be okay. Offering choices for those with varying use needs is always welcome. And something Apple consistently does. 

    Tbh even at home with an iiPad 12.9  in reach and a MacBook Pro 16” not that far away it’s  my iPhone I’m still more likely to casually interact with. 

    For me these aren’t “phones”, they’re iPhones. 
    edited May 29
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    thttht Posts: 5,020member
    iPhone 16 or 17 is the update path from my current iPhone 12. I'm not sure I need anything more out of a phone, and I'm hard pressed to think of improvements.

    The biggest fear for my iPhone is probably a drop and cracked glass. If they are moving to the iPhone 14 industrial design with easily replaced back glass and front glass, I think I'm mostly happy. The better option is the hopefully achievable shatterproof glass or glass-like covers. I was thinking perhaps recessing the glass and having the metal band lip over the glass would be an interesting solution. A bit like the Watch Ultra.

    I think my biggest annoyance is the location of the sleep/wake button relative to the volume buttons. I can accidentally do a screen shot or press the sleep/wake button instead of the volume buttons. I would propose moving the sleep/wake button to the top left side.

    I want my phone laying flush on the table, not slightly tilted like all iPhones since the 6 and newer. I don't need super fancy cameras, so an option with lower performance cameras that are flush with the back would be a big draw for me. It goes double for iPads.

    They should move to lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. Take advantage of their chip efficiency and use LFP batteries. They'll have less capacity and more weight per unit volume, but the battery will last 5 to 6 years, at least.

    iPhones with 6" displays or more are too big to use one handed. I do wistfully look at my 17yo's 13 mini. A 16 mini or 17 mini would be something I'd consider.

    Yeah, it's really nice to have a nice picture easily taken. Just wish there wasn't so much compromise with them.
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    Just give iPadOS telephony capabilities. I might then be tempted to an iPad mini.
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    abujazarabujazar Posts: 4member
    I just want a phone sized iPhone with pro features, that can be used with one hand. The «mini» is too big already, the iPhone 4 was perfect.
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