How to get a free McChicken sandwich with Apple Cash

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Apple and McDonald's are offering a free McChicken sandwich for anyone who uses Apple Cash through Apple Pay in the official McDonald's app for a limited time. Here's how to get it.

McDonald's latest Apple Pay promo
McDonald's latest Apple Pay promo

The latest Apple Pay promotion offers a free McChicken sandwich when you make a purchase of at least $1 using Apple Cash. The purchase must be made via the official McDonald's app to be eligible for the promo.

Apple Cash can be found in the Apple Wallet. Apple Card users can have their cash back automatically added to Apple Cash as part of the Daily Cash feature. Or iPhone users can add money to Apple Cash via a debit card.

Apple last teamed up with McDonald's for a similar promo in April 2023, where users could pick up free McNuggets with an Apple Pay purchase made in the app.

For folks who have an Apple Card and don't want their Daily Cash automatically transferred to Apple Cash, the company launched its official savings account in April. Users can have their Daily Cash automatically transferred to their savings account instead.

The promo is available beginning June 1 and will run until Wednesday, June 7.

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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,993member
    Just took advantage of this offer. CORRECTION: You don’t have to use AppleCash to get this offer, I used my AppleCard and still got it. 
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    PemaPema Posts: 76member
    That's great. Get your McYuk Chook and then get a reading on your cholesterol. 
    Why not buy a fresh chook and cook it yourself? Every product from McYuk is either frozen, loaded with sugar or high in cholesterol. 
    It is the new tobacco.
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