'Death Stranding: Director's Cut' walking onto Mac

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Gaming luminary Hideo Kojima was brought in to WWDC 2023 to confirm "Death Stranding: Director's Cut:" will be coming to the Mac in the future.

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

After promoting the macOS Sonoma gaming changes, Apple took a moment to highlight a major title heading onto Mac. "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" will be landing on the platform via the Mac App Store in the future.

Taking to the virtual stage, Hideo Kojima said "We are now entering a new era for gaming on the Mac," mentioning the "modern rendering pipeline and the amazing graphical fidelity delivered by MetalFX Upscaling."

"Death Stranding" tasks the player as a "Porter," an individual who must travel across a ravaged country, connecting places together and delivering supplies on a massive adventure.

Kojima added the game will be available via the Mac App Store for preorder soon, with a release slated for later in 2023.

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    michelb76michelb76 Posts: 637member
    It's a start I guess. But this game was a snoozefest on the PC. Hope it sells well enough to rekindle mac gaming.
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,769member
    It’s not the greatest game ever, but I still almost bought it on sale for PS5 the other day. Now I think I’ll wait and make this my first ever Mac game. 
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    darkvaderdarkvader Posts: 1,146member
    Can we just have a new SimCity and a new Age of Empires instead?

    This thing looks boring.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,357moderator
    michelb76 said:
    It's a start I guess. But this game was a snoozefest on the PC. Hope it sells well enough to rekindle mac gaming.
    They'd need to add new vehicles like a hover bike or proper jet pack. It takes far too long to do anything interesting running across a large map or driving a land bike across rocks.

    Hideo Kojima has a strange way of designing games. They are so slow to play out. There's an article saying he wanted to have a mission in a game that would take two weeks to complete:


    Death Stranding has a median completion time of 40 hours:


    Resident Evil Village is 9 hours:


    This kind of game design works for him because his full-time job is games but most people are trying to fit the game into their free time, maybe 4-6 hours per week. 10 weeks to finish a narrative-driven game is way too much.

    The best thing he could do for this game is introduce a casual mode that allows completing it in a reasonable timeframe.

    They could also make a TV series out of the story. The cutscenes alone are 7 hours:

    If the rendering was polished up, that could be cut into a 10 episode Apple TV series.
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