Apple urges UK to rethink anti-encryption Online Safety Bill



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    I'm a bit confused as to why Apple would be so against this when they already have a ready-to-go service (that they voluntarily developed themselves) that would scan for such images while keeping end-to-end encryption intact.
    Because that's completely irrelevant to the issue of legislation outlawing end-to-end encryption. I'm not sure why this would cause confusion.
    The legislation described here would not necessitate the outlawing of end-to-end encryption absolutely, only require that CSAM be able to be detected and reported. Apple's implementation would satisfy the law without breaking encryption. The purpose of the proposed law is CSAM, not breaking encryption.
    I'm not sure why this would cause confusion.
    But the rub is how do you ONLY enforce CSAM policing without allowing all policing?  The short answer is you can’t.  We would essentially have to just trust Apple that they wouldn’t do more.  Apple’s solution was essentially to have a guard dog at the front door to your house that would report on you if it deemed anything “illegal” left it, before it was packaged up to keep prying eyes out.
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