French Apple Stores attacked by rioters in week-long civil unrest

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An Apple Store has been caught up in ongoing riot in France, with the Strasbourg location ransacked by opportunist rioters on Friday.

Strasbourg Apple Store
Strasbourg Apple Store

Civil unrest in Paris and other areas of France has led to a week of riots, with property damage and arrests a byproduct of the general sentiment in the country. An Apple Store has become one of the many targets gaining the attention of rioters, which has resulted in considerable damage to the store.

Video of the Strasbourg Apple Store from Friday shows rioters smashing windows to the store in broad daylight. Some people in the video from Storyful are shown kicking the windows, while others watch and film on their own smartphones.

Some are also seen leaving the store via the broken windows, presumably after gaining entrance via the same method.

The store itself was closed, alongside numerous others in the city, as riots in the region continued to take place. Nearby stores were also targeted, including a Galeries Lafayette department store and Lacoste.

The store's listing on Apple's website lists the outlet as closed for the next week at least. Other stores in France remain open, but have taken up precautionary measures such as boarding up windows and limiting their opening hours.

The riots were prompted by the fatal shooting of a teenager by Paris police in late June. Wide-scale riots ensued, and led to more than 1,300 people being detained on Friday's fifth night of protests, and 700 on Saturday.

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