Qualcomm tries to rope Apple execs into a class action lawsuit

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Apple executives have asked to be excused from a class-action lawsuit brought against Qualcomm, saying the processor maker and the suit's plaintiffs just want to harass the company.

Apple is a major customer for Qualcomm, and the relationship between the two firms has been acrimonious at times. However, according to Reuters, Apple says that the suit now calling for two of its executives to testify has nothing to do with it.

The private securities class action suit has been brought against Qualcomm by shareholders in the chip company. It concerns allegations that Qualcomm made misrepresentations that artificially boosted shares between 2012 and 2017.

During the continuing case, US Magistrate Judge Michael Berg agreed that Qualcomm and the shareholders could question two current or former Apple employees. Consequently, Apple's COO Jeff Williams and chief corporate and commercial counsel Bruce Watrous have been subpoened.

However, neither Williams nor Watrous are parties to the lawsuit -- and nor is Apple. Qualcomm reportedly wants to question the two about a separate antitrust case brought by the FTC against the chip maker in 2017.

Qualcomm "seems to have seized the opportunity to harass Apple, its former litigation opponent," said lawyers for Apple. "[Our] communications with the FTC are not relevant to the securities litigation between Qualcomm and its shareholders regarding alleged false statements by Qualcomm."

Apple's lawyers have asked that the subpoenas be quashed.

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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,638member
    Qual, C'mon!
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    Seems like the judge does think, or has been convinced, that the Apple exec's testimony is relevant.  I don't know exactly why that would be, but I can envision a couple of scenarios.
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