Apple updates Beats Studio Buds with new firmware

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Apple has released new firmware for the Beats Studio Buds, although it is unclear exactly what the firmware changes.

Beats Studio Buds
Beats Studio Buds

Unlike many other Apple devices, Beats headphones do not have a manual update method available to them for Apple hardware, with firmware now updated to the devices automatically. Users do still get alerted when the update is installed.

The firmware update brings the version of the onboard software up to 10M4372.

Apple and Beats have yet to advise of what the actual content of the firmware is. While firmware updates can potentially consist of new features, it is more likely that the firmware fixes bugs and vulnerabilities, or improves performance in some way.

Users can check the version number of their in-use accessory on an iPhone or iPad by going to Settings then Bluetooth, then tapping the Info button next to the Beats device. Under macOS Ventura and later, users can open System Settings then select Bluetooth, then click the Info button next to the accessory.

Android users can update the firmware using the Beats companion app.

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    What exactly is the point of everyone posting what is basically a meaningless version number.  10M4372 and/or whatever the previous number was, isn't displayed anywhere that I can find.  The iphone displays 1B204 and 1B116 as the firmware version for the buds (I had 2 pairs, w different versions).

    Why doesn't Apple (and all the websites reporting this) actually use a version number that people can see, to tell if their device has been updated or not.

    Or is that the goal, to say there is an update, but so people can't tell if they have it or not....
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