Apple Pay has finally arrived in Morocco

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Morocco's CIH Bank has announced that it now supports Apple Pay, though it's not yet clear how soon the service is rolling out to its customers.

Source; CIH Bank
Source; CIH Bank

Apple Pay was first launched in 2014, and has slowly been expanding to more countries around the world. Now, almost a decade later, the CIH Bank (Credit immobilier et hotelier) has tweeted that it supports Apple Pay.

"With CIH Bank, you can now pay with your iPhone and your [Apple] Watch with ease and fluidity," says the tweet (in translation. "With Apple Pay, your iPhone becomes your bank card."

There is no reference to Apple Pay or even Apple on the CIH Bank's website. Morroco is also not on Apple's official list of supported counties, but that list tends to only be updated sporadically.

The tweet does say that "you can now pay" with Apple Pay, though. Plus the news comes after Twitter user Aaronp613 claimed to find Morocco listed in code for Apple Pay's backend.

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