Logitech acquires streamer tool maker Loupedeck

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Accessory maker Logitech has acquired Loupedeck, known for its innovative creation tools for streamers.

Logitech x Loupedeck
Logitech x Loupedeck

On July 18, Logitech announced that it had acquired the Helsinki-based Loupedeck, a company that manufactures custom consoles specifically designed for creatives, streamers, and editors. Loupedeck's hardware already complements a variety of different services, including Twitch, Spotify, and others.

Logitech's official announcement also confirms that the growing developer community around Loupedeck's products will still be supported following the acquisition.

"Empowering streamers, creators and gamers is a joint passion of Loupedeck and Logitech. Together we are focused on removing all barriers so they can create, edit and stream without limits," said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G. "This acquisition augments Logitech's product portfolio today and accelerates our software ambitions of enabling keyboards, mice and more to become smarter and contextually aware, creating a better experience for audiences across Logitech."

Loupedeck has a variety of custom consoles for sale, including the Live S, which is an easy way for streamers on services like Twitch to start their stream, connect with their audience, and more. Or, folks can opt for the more expensive, and decked out, Loupedeck CT, which includes various hardware buttons, dials, and software buttons to help streamline the creative and editing processes.

The Loupedeck CT is larger, with a massive dial for analog-like control.
The Loupedeck CT is larger, with a massive dial for analog-like control.

Logitech says the acquisition means the result should be an even more seamless experience for creatives of all kinds. That should especially be true for streamers, as Logitech points out Loupedeck hardware should have better compatibility with software services like Streamlabs.

The official announcement also notes that Loupedeck will "continue supporting its customers and partners and will operate as usual for the foreseeable future." It's unknown just how much Logitech spent in the acquisition.

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    mobirdmobird Posts: 757member
    Logitech, please reconsider the Logitech Harmony Remote that you have abandoned...

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,435member
    It's a good acquisition for Logitech.  

    Elgato is dominating with the Streamdeck 
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