Apple adds a new security section to its enterprise site

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Apple has added a brand new section to its enterprise website to promote its built-in security efforts like encryption, FileVault, and much more.

Apple Passkey
Apple Passkey

Apple's enterprise website, part of the "Apple at Work" initiative, has been around for a stretch already. However, the company just added a brand new "Security" section that breaks down how Apple's devices are secure right out of the box.

As is par for the course with all the sites Apple launches, this one's all about the fancy animations and slick graphics. Apple says its devices and software are "secure by design," noting "state-of-the-art features" make it simple to protect both data and hardware.

Apple hits the favorites along the way as visitors scroll down the site, highlighting security elements like Face ID, Touch ID, and Find My. The company promotes the fact that hardware and software are designed together to maximize security.

Automatic software updates, secure boot to make sure that only Apple-verified software runs when the system starts up, and Apple Silicon are all promoted on the site, too.

"One of the really important features of Apple products is that privacy and security are actually embedded into the product itself," Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at United Airlines stated in a quote on the page. "They're not an afterthought, and that's something we very much appreciate."

Apple also promotes built-in protections from malware and viruses, including app notarization and Gatekeeper, along with other features like Passkeys, XProtect, and fraudulent website warnings from Safari.

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    If that United quote seems strange to be coming from the Chief Customer Officer, it is because up until a year ago Linda Jojo was the Chief Digital Officer and Executive VP of Digital Technology (I.T.). As a Sr. Mobility Engineer and macOS lead, I reported up the chain to her. 
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    Part of me really wants her to have a brother named Joey. :wink:
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