Google now hikes prices for YouTube Premium too

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Following price rises for the family sharing version of YouTube Premium, and then YouTube TV, the regular YouTube Premium subscription price is rising $2 per month.

In October 2022, YouTube Premium Family Plan jumped five bucks to $22.99/month -- and for subscribers via the App Store it was even worse at $29.99/month. Then in March 2023, the cost of YouTube TV went up eight bucks to $72.99.

Now according to its official site, YouTube Premium has raised its prices for US subscribers. It's the first increase since the ad-free YouTube service began in 2018.

YouTube Premium now costs $13.99/month, up from $11.99. The annual price has risen $20 to $139.99.

According to Reuters, members who signed up in 2018, or ones who initially subscribed via Google Play, will get three more months at the old price.

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    So much for cord cutting.
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    amar99amar99 Posts: 181member
    People actually pay for these services? I just don't get it.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,431member
    Why don't we get the 8.99 YouTube Premium without the YouTube Music.  I don't need YT Music i'm good with Tidal and Apple Music but I'd pay 9 bucks for Premium YT only despite my displeasure with the YT interface. 
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    drhamaddrhamad Posts: 34member
    So much for cord cutting.
    "Cord cutting" never made sense in any long term way.  The theory behind it was that you could just pick what you wanted.  But people want bundles because they're far cheaper than getting just "what they want".

    All people are realizing now is that the majority of the cost to their cable company or whatever don't really change just because you go to someone else for it.
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    baconstangbaconstang Posts: 1,119member
    I was grandfathered in from 'YouTube Red', and still paying $9.99.  
    Wouldn't mind ditching the music part, I've got that covered.
    Oh well...
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