New Apple Watch Ultra could come in dark titanium

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Apple reportedly considered offering the original Apple Watch Ultra in a dark color, and may now introduce it as an option for the expected second generation device.

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

Apple's next version of the Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be lighter than the current model, and may feature components produced by 3D printing.

But if the weight is going to be lighter, the color may be darker. According to Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter, it's an option that was previously considered and rejected.

Reportedly, the reason for Apple deciding not to produce a dark titanium edition of the original Apple Watch Ultra was solely aesthetic and designers just didn't like it. Gurman says that the darker color could still arrive with the 2023 edition, however.

It's not clear whether the design would in some way be different to the prototype, however, or it's just that the designers have grown accustomed to it.

What the Apple Watch Ultra is definitely not expected to feature, though, is a micro LED screen, as reports say that option has had to be delayed until 2026.

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    mayflymayfly Posts: 385member
    WOW!!! This is HUGE!! The first Apple product (or any product) made from Dark Matter! The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!
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    jibjib Posts: 56member
    As the owner of a black titanium Apple Watch 6 (special edition), I hope this proves to be the case.  I have not upgraded my watch because I prefer black titanium.  IA Apple issues an Ultra in black titanium, I will upgrade.
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