Spotify's AI DJ expands to 50 countries around the world

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Spotify is bringing its AI-based DJ feature to more markets, expanding the feature's reach six months after launch in North America as it continues to compete against Apple Music.

Introduced in February, Spotify's AI DJ is an automated music discovery system that effectively makes a radio station specifically for the user. While personalized stations aren't new, Spotify's version added in a synthetic voice, adding commentary like a traditional radio DJ.

On Tuesday, Spotify revealed it is bringing the feature to more markets, beyond the US and Canada from February's launch and the May expansion to the UK and Ireland. Now, it will be available in 50 markets around the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The voice model, based on Spotify's Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier "X" Jernigan, will still only be offered in English. Also, despite the expansion, it will still be classed as being a beta feature.

Not all users will be able to enjoy DJ, as it will be accessible in the selected countries in the English version of the app, and only by those who pay for Spotify Premium. Free tier users won't be able to use the feature.

DJ is Spotify's latest music discovery feature to make waves, as it continues to compete against Apple Music and numerous other services for listeners and subscribers.

Spotify isn't the only music service to adjust its music discovery features. On Monday, Apple Music added a new Discovery Station alongside the existing personalized station, which algorithmically picks music a user may like, but may not have actually heard before.

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    I always hated the chatter of DJs on the radio. I once tried to build some analogue electronics to fade the DJ. Now Spotify is bringing it back better than ever! 😂😭
    mac daddy zeewatto_cobra
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,770member
    The Spotify DJ is actually really good. I listen to many different genres, and the AI did a great job mixing them together in a way that that felt fluid. The transition between slow and fast songs was usually broken up by the DJ, who was not as annoying or as frequent as I anticipated. Choosing music is something I’ve never needed help with, so I personally find this to be mostly a novelty…but a really good one that I might use again if I’m ever feeling lazy. 
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