'Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis' releases on iOS on September 7

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The next installment in the "Final Fantasy VII" franchise is coming to iPhone on September 7, with a complete retelling of all the stories so far.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis
Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Fans of the franchise will know that Compilation of Final Fantasy VII spans several games telling stories that take place in the Final Fantasy VII universe. The next entry, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis acts as a small reboot to the franchise, telling all the stories of the compilation so far, plus some new ones.

Early Thursday, a release date of September 7 was finally revealed by the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis team. Those interested can pre-register on iOS or Android today.

The game is built with mobile in mind, combining the classic Active Time Battle system with touch-friendly controls. Players will get to relive the story of Final Fantasy VII through chapter-style gameplay.

Every game in the franchise so far, plus the "Advent Children" movie, are included in this game's storyline. Plus, a new story that follows an unknown hero and Sephiroth is included.

The following games and film make up the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis story:

  • Final Fantasy VII

  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

  • Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis

  • Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

  • Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus

If you've paid close attention to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, then you'd have noted the alphabetic naming scheme. Fans have been waiting for a continuation of the story in an untitled "EC" for nearly 20 years, as the last entry was released on PlayStation 2 in 2006.

Pre-register for access to exclusive content once the game launches. The game launches on iPhone and iPad on September 7.

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    Why are games like this mostly released on iPad and iOS? These always seem like a perfect fit for the Apple TV, but rarely make it to the platform. Seems like a missed opportunity with most of the code base already there. 
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