iPhone SE 4 may get the iPhone 15 Pro's 'Action Button'

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The iPhone SE 4 could end up with a feature intended for the iPhone 15 Pro models when it ships, a leaker insists, as they outline the next evolution of Apple's entry-level iPhone.

A render of the iPhone 15 Pro with the Action Button
A render of the iPhone 15 Pro with the Action Button

Apple isn't expected to bring out its iPhone SE 4 for quite some time, with it not expected to be released until 2025. Even so, rumors are swirling about what to expect from that model when it eventually arrives.

In an early Sunday tweet, serial leaker "@Uredditor" offered some details of "planned features and design changes" for the iPhone SE 4.

More about the SE 4 - planned features and design changes:

- Design based on iPhone 14
- Face ID
- Action button
- Only one rear camera

-- Unknownz21 (@URedditor)

The core design of the iPhone AE 4 will be one based on the iPhone 14. Given that previous iPhone SE releases have reused design elements from earlier main iPhone releases this makes sense, especially for something expected to ship over two years after the iPhone 14's launch.

The list of details includes a mention of an "Action Button" in the design. Leaks have indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro models will get the mute switch replaced by the Action Button, one configurable to handle multiple functions, such as acting like a camera shutter button.

The remaining specifications detail a few additional expected features, such as the introduction of Face ID, which the iPhone SE 3 does not have in favor of Touch ID. The model will also sport USB-C, which makes sense as other models are anticipated to switch away from Lightning to it at some point.

The leaker does have a reasonable track record so far, and has made claims about the A17 specifications, the iPhone 16 camera arrangement, and USB-C components for the iPhone 15.

While the leaked features are plausible, there's still a significant amount of time until the iPhone SE 4 is expected to launch, and as usual for Apple, things can change long before that time.

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    mayflymayfly Posts: 385member
    I'm going to hang on to my 2020 SE until they either release or officially kill off the SE 4. It's the form factor for me. I don't care about HD or UHD videos, or game frame rates, anything but phone calls, and an occasional vacation photo (the wife uses her DSLR for the official travel shows everyone else hates watching). And it has to fit sideways in my cycling jersey pocket do it doesn't fall out when I hit a bump. Currently the SE is the only phone that fits that criterion.
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,917member
    It better offer dynamic island than old style notch. Starting from iPhone 15, old style notch is retired. Wish Apple can put 2 cameras on back even from older iPhone 12 or 13. The whole idea of iPhone SE 4 is to make it affordable, addressing the need of price conscious consumers.
    edited August 2023 williamlondon
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,402member
    I'm also going to hang onto my 2020 SE. I gotta have the home button and the raised buttons on the side. I don't need all the iphone bells and whistles, just want a decent no BS phone that's around this price point.
    And, I plan on buying another new 2020 SE before they are discontinued so I'll have one for another 3-5 years after my current one goes.
    The last benefit of the SE is, when gravity completely takes over the phone, its not as stressful as when the phone costs over $1000.

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