iPhone Thunderbolt rumors, a new App Store and more on the AppleInsider podcast

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Apple devices are already the most used in TV and film, and that may only increase if rumors of Thunderbolt and USB4 data speeds are true of the iPhone 15 Pro, plus Setapp is the first to announce plans for a rival to the App Store, all on the AppleInsider Podcast.

The rumors of a fast data speed for the iPhone 15 range come from some of the many leaks showing -- or purporting to show -- components from the new USB-C charging port. There's a mysterious extra processor on some that look likely to be controller chips, which implies Thunderbolt/USB4.

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 15 range in just a few weeks' time, so we'll soon see whether we get USB-C, and what speed it will be. It's then going to take many months longer before we see another radical change, which is Setapp's rival to the App Store.

Setapp is a well-established bundler of Mac apps, and it plans to take advantage of the EU's coming laws to create a new App Store. At present, Setapp can only bundle iOS apps where there is a companion Mac one, so it will free up the company to offer a range of iPhone and iPad apps for a single subscription.

Or at least, it will in the European Union.

In the meantime, if you ever want to see a demo of an Apple device being used, it turns out that you can just tune in to countless movies and TV shows. A new report says Apple does the most product placement, but there is more to it than that.

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    If the main new feature is USB-C, then I will likely skip the iPhone 15 model. I have nothing against USB-C, I just don't see a need for it in my situation.
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