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On this week's AppleInsider Podcast, a special guest joins us to discuss Apple Vision Pro labs, iPhone 15 rumors, the Tesla app gaining Shortcuts, and more.

Apple Vision Pro labs enable early testing
Apple Vision Pro labs enable early testing

Our special guest is a podcaster, dog enthusiast and host / producer on TWiT.tv, Mikah Sargent. He and host Stephen Robles find a spot to talk right on the show floor at the Podcast Movement event in Denver, and get into Apple Vision Pro, podcasting, and very much into microphones.

Apple is offering developer labs for the Apple Vision Pro across six cities around the world. Surprisingly, it seems that these labs have been under-attended, so Apple has now shared a handful of testimonials about developer's experiences with the in-person labs.

Next, as you may have heard predicted quite a few times, the iPhone 15 Pro will have USB-C, which could open a lot of doors for new accessories and charging options. Host Stephen Robles discusses his use of fast charging and its convenience versus other charging options.

Speaking of the iPhone 15 Pro range, one industry analyst believes that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be delayed due to Sony not having image sensors ready in time for the release. This isn't the first time an iPhone was delayed further than other models released in September, so the rumor could prove true.

Whereas already and rather unexpectedly released is an update to the Tesla app that brings Shortcut support for users. Your hosts discuss the usefulness of these Shortcuts and Tesla's reluctance to adopt other Apple-specific features.

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