Apple Vision Pro on track for early 2024 release says Tim Cook

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has insisted the Apple Vision Pro is on course for its early 2024 release, and that he has been using the headset to watch the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso.'

Apple CEO Tim Cook launching Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2023
Apple CEO Tim Cook launching Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2023

The Apple Vision Pro is expected to go on sale in early 2024, following its grand introduction during WWDC. While the wait continues for its release, CEO Tim Cook says he has already been using it in his everyday life.

Part of a wide-ranging interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Cook was questioned about rumors of production challenges, and whether the headset was still running to schedule. "It is on track," Cook replied.

The CEO said he was using it "on a regular basis," and that he watched the entire third-season of the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso using the headset. Cook also admitted "Of course, there's some things that I have access to that other people don't have access to."

When asked whether the challenges of making the Vision Pro are similar to that of an iPhone, Cook said it isn't, and that the headset is "more complex, and so it requires innovation in not only the development but also in the manufacturing."

Sunday's interview broadcast also covered topics including environmental projects, state politics, and advertising on X.

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    It's good to be the king. :D
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    Reminder to set the transaction limit on my credit card to $3498 before it releases lol... I highly doubt even I will early-adopt this puppy at that price... But I'm sure it'll be like any new product category where the next model that comes out will be 200% better and for less money. I can dream anyway haha. I remember getting the first iPad and being blown away with how amazing it was... and then the iPad 2 came out which was soooooo superior for less lol. NEVER BUY A 1ST GEN APPLE PRODUCT *Repeats to self
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