iOS 17 is probably hitting your battery hard today -- but that's expected



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    aegean said:

    I did a fresh install of iOS17 on my 14 Pro Max to ensure it's a clean install, no footprints of iOS 16. But here's the issue:

    I can't add more than one iCloud email account. The main Apple ID of account gets added while restoring, and then when you try to add another email address account, I just keep seeing rounded circle of apps icons animation (which is new), nothing moves forward after that for hours.

    I downgraded back to 16 as I can't function without multiple iOS email accounts. And now I am back to business. Looks like iOS17 is not in my luck.

    Anyone else try to add more than one email accounts and let me know if you can.



    I have three iCloud email accounts on my iPhone using iOS17.
    Did you do the fresh install or just updated.  Because with updates they are already there.  
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    Yeah, it's great to point this out.  Usually after a new OS is released, we get the usual stupid articles telling us how "unoptimized" the original release is and how it's worse on battery, etc.  Most people in the know understand this is how it works and after a few days, things settle down.  The same goes for benchmarking new phones.  The numbers are always lower because the system is busy doing other things when the reviews come out.  
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    Still this far after the iOS 17 update my iPhone 13 Pro is loosing charge like crazy. Before the update, I could run a full workday on a single charge. Now, I need to recharge it twice during the day, ie about three times the power drain(!!!) This is way beyond marginal changes and expectations. And no, I’m not a person who normally complains about things like this.
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