Google is being sued after bad map directions led a man to his death



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    Driver probably should have noticed the trees growing in the middle of the “road” . And unless we are told what time of day he was driving it’s all a bit pointless. If he didn’t see the gap in day light he shouldn’t have been driving. If it was at night may be he couldn’t see it who knows? 
    With out facts we can’t judge what happened. 
    Also google maps terms and conditions say there could be errors and omissions.
    So many lawyers looking to milk the cow.
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    I like that Apple, unlike Google, did insert a gap to show that there's no bridge over that creek. That may be because their mapping vehicles drive more places. Apple Maps includes my alley. Google does not. That said, the gap isn't that obvious to someone viewing the map on a small iPhone screen. It'd be good if interrupts in a road were made much clearer, perhaps by a large red X. And routing shouldn't steer people on such routes.

    People with RVs, moving vans and myself with tall ham antennas would be delighted if these apps added a set-vehicle-height feature that would warn them when they approach low bridges and overpasses. This video shows the results of being unaware. Moving van rental and trucking companies might be willing to fund some of the costs.

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    It should be thrown out. When you drive, you're entirely responsible for everything. You cannot just rely on maps and GPS and all for your own driving - you are responsible from beginning to end and taking the inherent risks with it. It's entirely different if you have an autonomous vehicle and it fails to automate as it should then the lawsuit makes sense. 

    If anything, the lawsuit should be against the county for failing to warn drivers by placing barriers or signs if they were down for a prolonged period. The private companies have nothing to do with those damages. 
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