Competing rumors cast doubt on October iPad update

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More discussion from leakers has cast doubt on the possibility of a new iPad on Tuesday, with the latest claim pointing to a new Apple Pencil instead of an iPad update.

iPad mini
iPad mini

Rumors have claimed Apple is preparing for an event in the near future, potentially launching a number of updated iPads. However, if other reports are to be believed, the chances of an iPad introduction during an October event is now even less likely.

In a Sunday post, Macotakara chimes in on the weekend's report from about "select media personnel" briefings about the iPad, and a possible announcement as early as October 17.

Not long after, Mark Gurman's newsletter for Bloomberg offered skepticism about the Tuesday rumor. While updated iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini models are all allegedly in development with faster chips, Gurman doesn't believe updates of significance are imminent.

Gurman's doubts follow along the same likes as TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said it was "unlikely" for there to be iPad range changes before the end of 2023.

Macotakara added an odd prediction to the post, that instead of updating the iPad itself, Apple would instead introduce an Apple Pencil 3 equipped with a replaceable magnetic tip. This was a rumor spread by leaker Majin Bu earlier in the week.

One other rumor that isn't mentioned but supports the theory of a new Apple pencil would be a report from October 3, claiming there were code references to a USB-C Apple Pencil. At the same stroke, it could also be a reference to the existing Lightning Apple Pencil with a USB-C dongle.

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    I don't recall ever using my Apple Pencil.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,431member
    Since the rumoured iPad refresh is seen as “minor” (primarily chip upgrade and/or adding USB-C to models that don’t already have it), I could see this being a “press release only” announcement, so while I doubt that’ll happen this Tuesday, it could conceivably happen this month.

    It would make sense to the iPad refresh and Apple Pencil update at the same time.

    I’m still perfectly happy with my 11-inch iPad Pro, so I’m in no rush for an update.
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    I imagine part of it could depend on what inventory levels are like. They really only need to dump the 9th gen iPad for Europe. Other than that they’re fine. The iPads are still head and shoulders ahead of what’s available in  Android land. 

    Still I sold my iPad 9th gen to a friend because his daughter needed one and I figured it’d be an excuse to buy me a new one. Do I really hope they release something new sooner than later. 

    Still the M1 is still way more powerful than the Air’s target customer needs. Still if they do have an M3 lined up for the iPad  Pro in the spring they might do it as they left the Pro and Air on the same chip together for six months before. At the same time they may have decided that’s a bad idea and may be waiting for the M3 before they release the M2 in the Air. 

    Also I’d be surprised if they did an M3 Pron in the Spring given that that would make it one of the first devices with M3. 
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    I don’t know (obviously!) but I think most likely there was a press-release/video launch planned for tomorrow that has been pushed back a few weeks (to the original planned ship date), because Apple doesn’t want to appear tone-deaf, celebrating just days after 10/7. They can’t stop the train entirely (nor would they want to), but they can change the tone of the presentation so as to not appear oblivious.
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