Anytime Fitness members get Apple Fitness+ for free

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Apple has partnered with Anytime Fitness to offer members a free Apple Fitness+ subscription and an integrated experience.

Anytime Fitness and Apple Fitness+
Anytime Fitness and Apple Fitness+

Anytime Fitness is a company that has thousands of locations around the world with personalized fitness regimens and access to real trainers. Customers that join the gym get 24/7 access to the Anytime Fitness location plus video calls with coaches and more.

Anytime Fitness is partnering with Apple Fitness+ for a combined fitness experience. The partnership was announced by AnyTime Fitness and first covered by 9to5Mac.

"Since the beginning of Apple Fitness+, we always imagined users would enjoy it anytime, anywhere whether at home or at the gym, which is why we are so excited to offer our users and Anytime Fitness members this unmatched experience that brings together the best of digital and physical fitness," Jay Blahnik, Apple's VP of fitness technologies, said in a statement. "Apple Fitness+ was designed to be welcoming to all no matter where they are in their fitness journey, so whether members are looking for a supplement to their coaching through Anytime Fitness or guidance for how to get started on their fitness journey at the gym, there is something for everyone."

The integration with Anytime Fitness goes beyond a free subscription to Apple Fitness+. Content from Fitness+ will appear in the Anytime Fitness app and personal coaches can recommend the content to the member.

The promotion is only eligible to customers in the United States and Canada and begins December 1. Existing Apple Fitness+ members can get one month of Anytime Fitness free with a 13-month membership sign up.

The free Fitness+ membership is allotted in three-month increments. Anytime Fitness members will need to reactivate the offer every three months for free access, otherwise they will be charged $9.99 per month with the card they have on file with their Apple ID.

Apple One Premier subscribers that already get Apple Fitness+ can get that free month of Anytime Fitness, but otherwise won't get any financial perks. However, they can still benefit from having Fitness+ content within the Anytime Fitness app.

Anytime Fitness plans vary by location, but tend to run about $45 per month. The included Apple Fitness+ subscription is a $9.99 per month value.

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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,963member
    That's a pretty complimentary promo. I love the Apple Fitness+ rowing workouts, and have been a member of Anytime which has nice Concept 2 rowers. Peanut butter and chocolate, baby.
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    I have so many offers of free individual services from them, but I need Apple One, so they sit unused.
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