iPhone 15 breaks smartphone market's sales slump

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After 27 consecutive months of sales sinking year over year, new research says the iPhone 15 helped the global smartphone market see its first positive growth since June 2021.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Previously, Counterpoint Research has reported that while the smartphone market has been declining for more than two years, Apple's iPhone has tended to beat that trend. This is even taking into account the research firm's report that in China, the iPhone 15 was failing to match the demand seen by the iPhone 14.

Now Counterpoint reports that for October 2023, global monthly smartphone sell-through volumes grew 5% YoY.

"[A] factor for growth has been the launch of iPhone 15 series," says the company. "As compared to last year, the launch was delayed by a week which meant the full effect of the new iPhone sales was felt in October."

Global monthly smartphone sell-through volumes grew 5% YoY, (source: Counterpoint)
Global monthly smartphone sell-through volumes grew 5% YoY, (source: Counterpoint)

Counterpoint also says that growth has been primarily in emerging markets, in particular the Middle East and Africa. Part of this was Huawei's return to the market, plus India's festive sales season.

While Counterpoint does not break down smartphone model figures in this latest report, it recently claimed that Apple led its competitions with a 43% share of the market.

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    I personally waited for Apple to introduce the USB-C port, and this fall was the last for my iPhone 11 Pro. Now I am a happy owner of the iphone 15 pro and I can confirm that the wait was worth it. a fantastically good camera that fits in your pocket and works just when you need it.
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    Waiting 4 generations was smart to really notice a differences. Otherwise, they are so incremental from one year to the next, it's hard to notice. The camera has been great for several generations.
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    I upgrade iPhone every year and this year it felt somewhat different than others. IDK why but it felt less incremental and more of a solid upgrade given the step changes in silicon capabilities and also usb-c port. The USB-C port simplifies several use cases for me and also reduces the number of cables when I travel.

    Judging from my few visits to the Apple stores then iPhone 15 Pro Max is a barn storming success with many people opting for the top of the range model.

    Now if only Apple did software as well as they do hardware.
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