Fourth tvOS 17.2 build issued for developer beta testing

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The fourth developer beta build of tvOS 17.2 is out now and awaiting testing as the beta process rolls on.

Developers participating in the beta can pick up the latest builds via the Apple Developer Center, or by updating any Apple TV set-top boxes that are currently running the beta. Public beta builds tend to appear a short time after the developer counterparts, and the public can sign up for testing via the Apple Beta Software Program website.

The fourth tvOS 17.2 developer beta arrives after the third, which Apple distributed on November 14. The second beta landed on November 9, while the first appeared on October 26.

The fourth beta is build number 21K5356c, while the third was 21K5348f.

The main focus of tvOS 17.2 is the TV app, which gains a sidebar for displaying content from integrated channels. This helps streamline the interface, while also giving more direct access to content on services such as Disney+ and Paramount+.

AppleInsider and Apple strongly advise users don't install beta operating systems, or beta software in general, on to "mission-critical" or primary devices, as there is the chance of issues that could result in the loss of data. Testers should instead use secondary or non-essential hardware and ensure they have sufficient backups of their critical data at all times.

Find any changes in the new betas? Reach out to us on Twitter at @AppleInsider or @Andrew_OSU, or send Andrew an email at [email protected].

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    Wonder if Apple will ever fix the hyper-buggy Podcast app in tvOS. It does a poor job syncing with my other devices. UI is pretty shabby when you look at lists of a show's episodes and it doesn't show if they've been listened to or not. 
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    For the love of god, I wish they’d move “Software Update” under General in Settings … you know, like every. other. Apple. product.
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    I think a key area Apple could add to Apple TV is enhancing Apple News+ to Apple TV. Jumping between news apps is a mess and is an area they could drive a lot of consolidation. A great example is Reuters. Once you go in the app you can select amount of time you want to watch. 
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    Still no fix for voice input for keyboard.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,271member
    Does Siri work again in the new build?

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