watchOS 10.2 now available, allowing Siri to access health data for hands-free usage

in watchOS edited December 2023

Apple has officially released the watchOS 10.2 update to bring back the swipe gesture for changing watch faces and Siri access to health data.

Apple releases watchOS 10.2
Apple releases watchOS 10.2

After the release of the second watchOS 10.2 beta on November 9, the official release it out for all Apple Watch users.

Reinstating the swipe gesture for changing watch faces addresses user feedback that followed its earlier removal. This feature allows users to quickly cycle through various watch faces by simply swiping across the watch's display, offering a more intuitive and quick method to switch styles or access different functionalities.

The watchOS 10.2 update, while reintroducing the swipe gesture for changing watch faces, also adds new functionality to Siri in the realm of health data. The new feature allows users to query their health statistics using Siri, making accessing information like heart rate or exercise data through voice commands easier.

With Siri's expanded capabilities in watchOS 10.2, users can now inquire about various health metrics and receive spoken responses, enhancing the Apple Watch's utility as a health and fitness companion.

The new Siri health data functionality in watchOS 10.2 brings several critical advantages to Apple Watch owners. Users can now access vital health data hands-free, a feature convenient during workouts or other situations where using their hands might be inconvenient.

Furthermore, it significantly boosts accessibility. For those who find navigating through the watch's menus challenging or cumbersome, voice commands provide a more accessible, user-friendly alternative. It's particularly beneficial for users with specific disabilities, making the Apple Watch's health features more inclusive.

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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,520member
    Hopefully some bug fixes and speed improvements too. My Series 6 frequently feels sluggish since I updated to Watch OS 10.
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    not seeing swipe to change face😡
    still ticked. Apple deleted function for no reason. side swipe does nothing. Why?
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    I have the Apple Watch 9 and accessing health data via Siri only pulls up the Activity Circle. I tried those questions suggested in Apple's Newsroom update (, 99% won't work and Siri (via iPhone 14 Pro) reply asking me to open the Health app instead. Anyone experience such strange behaviour? I only find 2 users on Apple's community forum having similar issue and that's about it, no other report online via Google search.
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    Swipe to change Watch Face...NOT! At least it is not working on my Ultra 2 or wife's Series 8.
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    Well, seems Apple has buried this "old" swipe feature in the Clock Settings.
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    edKedK Posts: 6member
    Just confirmed with Apple Support from Texas, this new feature with Siri (accessing health data) is only limited to US and Mainland China at the moment so all other countries have to wait their turn.....unfortunately.
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